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map1.jpg (13809 bytes)1. Italia on line

Channel 4 made a series of TV programmes about Italy and this website compliments them nicely

2. Italy maps

Great map and overview statistics in Italian – you can translate

3. Regioni d'Italia

This has regional data and great maps and summary data of each region. Why not use the Italian version as a bit of fun and get pupils to translate it. There is an English version too

There are great panoramic photos of each region. A brilliant site.

4. National Institute for Statistics

Look for the Italy in figures for summary data. Which is the cycling capital of Italy?

5. Population change

Population issues need considering when studying Italy. It has one of the lowest birth rates in the world.

6. Italian Government

This link to the regions of Italy links to regional governments. Follow  

Just looking at the Regione di Calabria [the toe of Italy] I found some brilliant maps to download Centro Cartografico dello Calabria including coastal erosion etc.

With Umbria. I found population change statistics for towns

Geographical terms are fairly easy to translate – transporti, infrastrutture, economia, lavoro [work] territori, ambiente [environment], cartografia, interventi sociali, sanita [health], emigrazione e immigrazione let alone physical terms like erosione costiera

Don’t you just love Italian?

7. Life in Italy

If it is pictures of life you want then look no further than  There is no shortage of images of cities, landscapes are more difficult. This to has some delightful images of people in towns and cities

8. Forza Italia Forza Azzuri!

And finally the geography of football/soccer in Italy

Is there a correlation between the size of town and which division the team they are in? The current standings can be found and the population of cities is here

Pupils might map the teams in Italy and look at the origin of Italian club players

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