The 7-11 Glacier guide

If you disagree with this list, then propose another site yourself and we will add the link.  

There will be a separate list for Polar Lands including Antarctica.

1. Peter Knight a lecturer in Glacial Geomorphology at Keele University has set up this site which has some stunning images of glaciers www.petergknight.com/ 
2. The Glacier Image Database has all the images of features you might need.  http://tvl1.geo.uc.edu/ice/Image/imageref.html 
3. This animation will partly explain the landscape of Cannock Chase.

What made the Chase what it is? How did this boulder find itself 200 km from a place where there is similar rock?

Our own photo-enquiry for Iceland has some special images of glaciers. 

4. The USGS comes up trumps again http://vulcan.wr.usgs.gov/Glossary/Glaciers/framework.html 
5. All about glaciers from the National Snow and Ice Information Centre [USA]  http://nsidc.org/glaciers/index.html 
6. This is the classic GCSE text book pages on glaciation line as good as any www.bennett.karoo.net/topics/glaciation.html 
7.  If you wish to have a virtual tour of glacier then this one in Alaska is as good as they come. http://users.snowcrest.net/freemanl/region/mendenhall/ 

The web addresses were correct at the time of going to press!
If you have problems finding a site, type in the name of the site in a search engine. Please let us know.

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