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If you disagree with this list, then propose another site yourself.  

1. Get-a-map www.getamap.co.uk is the only place for real 1:25 000 mapping.  This is in the Free and Fun section of the Ordnance Survey Site www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite as well as a link to www.old-maps.co.uk 

There is now  new service called Mapsdirect which where you can buy higher quality OS mapping. www.maps-direct.com/schools

2. Multimap  www.multimap.com has one of the most powerful tools an overlay facility where you can look through an aerial photograph at an map at whatever scale. 
3. Election maps www.election-maps.co.uk all you you to look at the details of political boundaries and has better quality street mapping than multimap.   You can also create good print outs of political boundaries.

4. Streetmap www.streetmap.co.uk is not all that good for downloading maps into other documents unless you want to make a nine square electronic jigsaw with an ordnance survey map. 
5. Mapzone is an interactive, fun and informative site for children from Ordnance Survey www.mapzone.co.uk
6. Relief Web has some location maps of the more remote places as well as a very easy to use database. www.reliefweb.int/mapc/index.html
7. PCL Map collection www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/index.html is an easy to use and find maps from almost anywhere in the world.
8. World Atlas and Graphic Maps www.graphicmaps.com - A great source of quality clip art maps for nesting locations and outline maps. It is a shame about the pop ups - but they have to earn a living somehow. 
9.Map projections from this to this

This 'java applet' allows you centre maps where ever you choose and show pupils how the world distorts. www.btinternet.com/~se16/js/mapproj.htm 

10. Carto Corner--Fundamental of Cartography (National Atlas of Canada) http://atlas.gc.ca/site/english/learningresources/index.html teaches you about maps and has a list to further map sites if you need them.
11. Can you propose one here? At the moment a fun map is in number 11 spot -The Upside Down Map of the World  www.flourish.org/upsidedownmap/

New from Google are these two particularly interesting sites:  Google Maps The satellite mapping is only available in detail for the US at present but it’s pretty impressive, count the aircraft on the aprons at Logan airport (Boston) for instance or check out all the nuclear power stations.. For the UK you can use route mapping with full directions listings. Local Google Search for local Indian take-aways etc… Or more importantly perhaps a plumber. Links directly to the maps site so you can get directions too.

The web addresses were correct at the time of going to press!
If you have problems finding a site, type in the name of the site in a search engine. Please let us know.

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