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If you disagree with this list, then propose another site yourself and we will add the link.  

1.Mountain Voices is an outstanding collection of people's perspectives from mountain environments.  If geography is thrive and survive, it is connecting with people that we are going to have to get better at.  Start here www.mountainvoices.org 
Virtual Montana2.Virtual Montana www.virtualmontana.org is not a virtual fieldtrip of the US state but a European project linking North Wales, the French Alps and Romania. Good images and a gallery of student work.
3. An academic overview of the geography of mountains, perfect for updating your knowledge or for an A level group. 
4.The National Parks of Snowdonia Snowdonia National Park, Wales and The Lake District Lake District National Park are good starting points for images and issues.

5.Fold, fault, erupt and erode. How mountains are formed? I liked this practical lesson on mountain formation. A pupil website that has been created on this theme is here too www2.oneonta.edu/~hessf77/mountain.html 

Mountains of the world6.Mountain habitats are wild places.  This site from WWF is as good an explanation of how mountains affect climates and therefore biodivesity. 
7.The links for glaciers/tectonics may also be useful. Can you put forward a site?

The web addresses were correct at the time of going to press!
If you have problems finding a site, type in the name of the site in a search engine. Please let us know.

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