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The 7-11 Weblink Guides recommended by Geographers for Geographers

Why 7-11? Not ages 7-11! NOT years 7 to 11! There will be no more than 11 in any web link list and no less than 7.  We have decided that you need quality not quantity. Only in exceptional circumstances will we step out of this.

Please recommend websites to others - don't just wait for others to recommend to you! 

It is virtually impossible to keep this page up to date so many apologies if you come across "dead links" - a search using a reputable search engine will generally find what you are looking for.

newsite.gif (147 bytes)Websites for geography teachers by geography teachers

Some of the best websites for geography teachers are those created and maintained by those who know what they need most in the classroom - other geography teachers!

These are some of the best!

Richard Allaway Geography All the Way
Sarah Black's Geography Clinic
Tony Cassidy's Radical Geography projects and Pilot GCSE blog
Rob Chamber's GeoBytes
Mary Cooch's Games4Geog and Geog4U
Adam Lawson and Mary Cooch's Geography at the Movies with contributions from many other teachers! The sister site is GeogDocs
Sarah Hack's Scheme of Work
Richard Hancock's GeoActive
Noel Jenkins Juicy Geography and Digital Geography and Google Earth Blog|
Tim Manson's Think Geography!
R Moreton's Geography Help
Alan Parkinson's Geography Pages and EdExcel A level
Keith Phipp's Thinking through Geography
David Rayner's GeoResources and GeoInteractive
Andrew Stacey's Stacey Peak Media
Val Vannet's A Blog's not just for Christmas! and Geography: My Place and Yours

Helen Young's Geography Geek

Apologies if your site is not listed here.

Artemis World Cycle Challenge

link to the Artemis World CycleMark Beaumont has undertaken a mammoth solo round the world cycle tour  to complete the fastest circumnavigation of the globe by manpower alone and claim a new Guinness record (the current record is 276) and Mark is aiming for 210 days or less! Follow Mark's tour on Artemis World Cycle site or on Val Vannet's Geographical learning journey which is updated daily

There have been some new free geography resources placed on www.ngfl-cymru.org.uk  There are activities for all age groups and the site is easy to navigate and is clearly labelled. Many of these are flash animations and drag and drop activities. (English and Welsh language options available!)

The Spring 2007 edition of Global Eye for primary pupils has a an eye on the Nile, a Journey down the Nile on camera and a focus on Water! As usual this edition is well worth a look and very suitable for pupils www.globaleye.org.uk

The new edition of Global Eye for secondary pupils has a focus on diamonds and and an eye on Lebanon! As usual this edition is well worth a look and very suitable for pupils www.globaleye.org.uk
Discovering Antarctica is a new online interactive teaching tool from the Royal Geographical Society (RGS-IBG). The website is aimed at geography teachers and students and features a wide range of themes to utilize and investigate both in classroom learning. It has been developed by the Royal Geographical Society with IBG, British Antarctic Survey and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Polar Regions Unit. Look out for the poster, to accompany the website, which should arrive in your school shortly.  www.discoveringantarctica.org.uk  
Live Local is a new website from Microsoft, with aerial photos and maps and in some ways provides higher quality images than Google Earth and also has the benefit of not needing to be downloaded onto the computer first (which has been causing problems on some school networks) http://local.live.com/
South AfricaContrasts in South Africa from Swanshurst School in Birmingham was created as a result of two teachers who visited Capetown on a teacher exchange and a resulting link with Ntafufu Senior Secondary school. The website features lots of video footage from Capetown and pupils can easily compare and contrast lifestyles. www.swanshurst.org/southafrica

newsite.gif (147 bytes) The all new 7-11 weblinks for geography

Maps, aerial and satellite images and GIS

General Geography

Physical Geography

Human Geography

Environmental Geography

Places - Worldwide

  • 7-11 Australia
  • 7-11 Brazil
  • 7-11 Canada - the atlas of communities is superb - a forgotten but beautiful country.
  • newsite.gif (147 bytes)7-11 China
  • 7-11 France submitted by Stuart Purves  Moorside High School
  • Links for Iceland can be found at SLN@Iceland
  • newsite.gif (147 bytes)7-11 Italy
  • 7-11 India
  • 7-11 Japan
  • 7-11 Kenya Paul Moss, Clayton High School
  • newsite.gif (147 bytes)7-11 Malaysia
  • newsite.gif (147 bytes)7-11 Pakistan
  • newsite.gif (147 bytes)7-11 Slovenia - new EU state
  • Learning Africa at www.learningafrica.org.uk It is really leaning resources for both primary and secondary about Africa, partly as a response to G8/Live 8. There's some really good stuff on it. Thanks Greg!
Places - UK

QLS is not responsible for the contents or reliability of listed web sites and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them. We do our best to keep the links active but the nature of the internet means they are changing all the time.


This page last updated 03 April 2012