Weather and climate
Tectonic processes
Economic activity
Population and Migration
Rivers and Coasts
Places and biomes
Environmental issues


Crime mystery - why has Apu opened a vegetarian restaurant? Look at the list of statements. List all the crimes. Decide why Apu has opened his restaurant. Write a plan that Chief Wiggum and Mayor Quimby could implement to improve things in Springfield. (Hint – Target hardening and….) from Leah Turner, Magnus Church of England School, Newark, who used this with Year 8, at the end of a unit on crime. The pupils really enjoyed it and their reasons weren't all the same. "The end planning exercise wasn't entirely successful, so we had Kent Brockman interviewing Mayor Quimby again and we planned questions we would like to be asked and possible responses the Mayor could offer - this was more successful."

Abdul and Giles are farmers: How are their lives connected?
Another gem of a mystery from Gary Dawson at Fair Oak Business and Enterprise College, Rugeley. This mystery could be used in a Crime or globalisation unit, although at Fair Oak it is used during a small unit on the Geography of Drugs (which probably gives the game away!) The link is here and a movie can be found here
Castleton, Peak DistrictWho killed Jeremy?
Jeremy Burns was brutally murdered whilst enjoying a quiet drink in ‘The Castle’ public house, in the village of Castleton, on Tuesday 30th April at around 8.15 pm. He was aged 28 and single, believed to be a visitor from the Sheffield area. He was dead within seconds of being attacked; a post mortem revealed two slash wounds to the chest. Question was, who killed him and WHY?? Read the details of the suspects, along with your snippets, and decide… With thanks to Carly Goodwin from Holden Lane High School Suzanne Ward, Head of humanities at Mount St Marys High in Leeds, has sent this Who Killed Jeremy PowerPoint which will help pupils visualise the area in which this murder happened and introduces the suspects.


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