Lesson 2

Web quest on Countries in World Cup Groups

You have drawn a selected group with four countries in each.


Click here Worksheet 2 to find out which countries are in each group.


*   In your pairs decide which two countries you will fill in Worksheet 3 for.

*   If you require another copy of Worksheet 3 click here Worksheet 3 and print.

*   All worksheets must be completed by hand.

*   Homework is also contained within the worksheet 3 to be completed for next lesson.

*   Colouring pencils are available for drawing the flags.

*   Use the Websites CIA World Fact book & Wikipedia.

*   Sites can be reached by clicking on links below or on Worksheet 2.


CIA world fact book





*   Do not use any other websites for your web quest. All the information you need is contained in these two sites.

*   The second page of the work sheet has a few brief questions for Homework.

*   You will be assessed on the quality of information you collect and the work you complete on your worksheets.


Tip: Some of the information may be only available on one of the websites so you may have to use both for each country.

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