Coming to England

Caroline Johnstone at Christchurch Middle School has created an interesting literacy unit for Year 6 pupils to fit in with Y6 T1 Autobiography work, based on Floella Benjamin’s autobiography Coming to England, in which she describes moving from Trinidad to England. Geography links are weather, climatic zones around the world and comparing localities. The work created a stunning display which can be seen here.

The planning details are below:

English Year 6 Term 1 Learning Objectives:

Geography Objectives:

Lesson 1: Read the first chapter of Floella Benjamin’s Coming to England. Discuss the tense used.
Lesson 2: Link with Geography: Pupils to complete worksheet on the climatic phrases from the book – do they refer to England or Trinidad? Pupils design a book cover for their own autobiography and a biography they would like to write.
Lesson 3: Discuss what would make an interesting extract from an autobiography. Discuss the tense it will be written in. Start to draft out ideas. Extract from their own autobiography to be completed for homework.

Phrases from Coming to England to be sorted into correct climatic regions

Sudden darkness

The sun seemed to disappear under the low clouds

Nights start so early

Trembling with cold

Trees stood naked like skeletons exposing every limb

Tarmac roads melt

Bright yellow sun beating down

Houses on stilts

I felt as if my body was going to break

Car parked under the house

Torrents of rain lash down

Grey blanket of fog

Very hot from December to June

Tropical rain forest in the mountains

Cold winds that would tear the skin on my face

The heat warmed my inner soul

The grass was so green

Near the equator

Cold, grey, misty mornings

Cloudless skies

Pupils’ worksheet

Coming to England by Floella Benjamin

Phrases I think describe the

weather in Trinidad

Phrases I think describe the

weather in England













When you have read the book, tick the ones you got correct.
Were there any that you were surprised with?