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Environmental issues

Economic activity and development

Why is Mrs Morgan of Hope Cottages worried about her Bed and Breakfast business?

Designed for AQA A GCSE, this mystery  explores the wider effects and consequences that quarrying might have in the Peak District. Thank you to Julie Menhennett, Assistant Headteacher, Howard of Effingham School.

Hope Quarry instructions
Mystery cards
Hope Quarry PowerPoint

Industry resource for IWB

Designed for AQA A GCSE (but applicable to other specifications too) as a revision activity to run on Promethean IWB.
The definition is provided in the box and pupils have to drag the correct word into the box below - if it stays in the box it is correct. Definitions are taken from Understanding Geography GCSE. There is lots of scope with these and they are great for revision lesson starters and can be used in a variety of ways - You can time pupils to see who is quickest, See who gets the furthest, Group keywords together
Industry in the box (Activ Studio flipchart) with thanks to Howard Price, Failsworth School in Manchester

Find someone who .... has been a tourist This activity is from Nat Johnson from Wolgarston High School School. Word file.
Abdul and Giles are farmers: How are their lives connected?
Another gem of a mystery from Gary Dawson at Fair Oak High School. This mystery could be used in a Crime or globalisation unit, although at Fair Oak it is used during a small unit on the Geography of Drugs (which probably gives the game away!) The link is here and a movie can be found here

Gary has developed the mystery with this sequel and now poses the question Why is Giles concerned about reducing poverty in Africa?

A Fair-trade mystery from Victoria Ellis, Why is Grace so excited? Grace lives in Ghana and her family are cocoa producers.
Why have the Parry's changed their holiday destination?  Mystery cards and worksheet from Malcolm Kennedy, Sacred Heart Catholic College, Merseyside
Newquay Tourism mystery Lesson plan, Thinking Skills placemat, Newquay mystery cards, Plenary log, Newquay PowerPoint with thanks to Jason Stafford, Murray Park School, Derby
Get out of your seats geography! Find someone who ... Shopping can be used at the start, in the middle or at the end of a lesson; the activity is easily adapted and the   questions can be changed according to the local situation. Gary Dawson, Fair Oak Business and Enterprise College, Rugeley, Staffs.
MG Rover Mystery
MG Rover mystery cards and MG Rover PowerPoint with a focus on Industrial decline and globalisation. Thanks to Adam Lawson, Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre, Tenterden, Kent.
Y7 Farming lesson plan (featuring Most Likely to) and Decision matrix.  Alan Jeanes at Simon Langton Boys School Canterbury.
Why has Robert Brown got a job as manager of Ultra Electronics Engineering on the Towers Business Park?
This mystery has been created by Gary Dawson and Simon Tomkinson from Fair Oak School in Rugeley using a local example of industrial change. Pupils sort the cards in order to answer the mystery. 
Why is Hans Lufer planning to go back to Schlema?
This mystery has been created by Dennis Vickers  from Alleynes High School in Stone using a case study from the former Eastern Germany. Pupils sort the cards to solve the mystery. For further information on Schlema please visit our Saxony site.
Industry dominoes by Gavin Sterry, Wilmslow High School with acknowledgements to Richard Allen for the format.
Why is Rosa doing Annie's job?
Rosa is doing Annie's job, but why is she working longer hours and earning less money ? This mystery is part of a Y9 unit of work on 'The Geography of the Global Fashion Business'. Thank you to Gary Dawson of Fair Oak High School. These two ladies have become quite famous and there are now more materials to support this mystery. Christine Lloyd Staples has an alternative version for less able pupils and for those doing their first mystery. Annie and Rosa cards and assessment and pupil recording sheet. Follow how teachers use Annie and Rosa on the Forum and Katharine's movie here
Globalisation and Fashion niketown.jpg (114844 bytes)Cath has been working with some geography departments and has brought many of the KS3 strategies, strong links with literacy together with good use of ICT, to produce materials to support The Global Fashion Industry. All the materials are here; it is suggested that you download each one (there are 11 files in total) and put them in one folder; the PowerPoint presentation has hyperlinks to the Word files.
Planning grid

PowerPoint presentation
Nike statements - True or False?
Global Jeans cards
Niketown picture
Export Processing Zones from No Logo by Naomi Klein
A Different Country from No Logo by Naomi Klein
Our Branded World from No Logo by Naomi Klein
What happened to Carmelita? from No Logo by Naomi Klein
Suited for the Factory Life from No Logo by Naomi Klein
The Age of the Superbrand by from No Logo by Naomi Klein

This links nicely with the mystery Why is Rosa doing Annie's job? elsewhere on this site.With thanks to Cath Cinnamon and colleagues, KS3 FSS Consultant, Westminster LEA

John Lewis' Thinking Bananas

Why haven't Pedro's children got shoes to wear? 
John Lewis
from Padgate High School, Warrington has offered this lesson which follows on from the BBC programme on Trade, Development and Aid which uses banana growing in Ecuador as a case study. He has used it successfully with Yr 9.

Why is Omar stitching footballs secretly at home? Football mystery Robert Gray, Head of Geography at Nottingham Bluecoat School has created this mystery which forms the assessment for their World Sport unit in year 7. We used the Oxford Geog.1 texts to provide the information for the Mystery cards, and ask the students to use the writing frame (based on Geoff Hannan's ideas of "go for 5") to provide a structure to their written answer. Writing frame To prepare the students we talk about the idea of the mystery as a "big question", and ask them to consider what the little (sub) questions might be to help us answer the mystery.
A visual mystery What connects these photos? Clue: an industry in UK! from Val Vannet, High School of Dundee.
Development of a tourist resort
This living graph activity gets pupils to reflect on
the application of a model identifying the seven stages of tourism development over time. Pupil activity and graph Rob Gray and his department at Nottingham Bluecoat School.
Why is Farmer Baxter building a new accommodation block?
Map of the area
Mystery statements

Gareth Stockton, Cheadle High School

India Call Centres Mystery The puzzle is :  “Why did Dilip, who lives in Bangalore, change his name to David?” The description and statements are here. Val Vannet, High School of Dundee
Most Likely to ....
In this activity you will need to provide the pupils with photos to make their choices from - Shopping Past Present and Future KS3 Simon Renshaw, Roundhill Community College, Leicester 


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