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The place for creating a Geo Image Library
Images that you have taken that provoke thought, make us smile etc.

Have you seen Geography Photos recently?

"Good quality, interesting photographic images are food and
drink to the teaching and learning of geography - this is why
the GA is pleased to be collaborating with GeographyPhotos.
We encourage all budding photographers out there to help
build and extend the catalogue too, in order to enhance
geography classrooms everywhere."

David Lambert, Chief Executive, Geographical Association

New Zealand May 2011

Thanks to Chris and Jane Durbin for these photos from their recent trip to New Zealand


Christchurch            Fox Glacier             Milford Sound       Longshore drift


                  Messages of hope           What a tail!

Transcripts of  BBC Schools programmes

I'm sorry I didn't know where to put these, but here will do for now! They were broadcast on BBC2 early hours of 3rd March

Transcript of Mapping Crime

Transcript of Indigenous Peoples

Image of the moment - meeting of cultures

This view caught the eye of Bob Jones on the SLN@Malaysia2005 visit; a Gospel Church above a KFC outlet, in a mock-Tudor building, in a small market town in Borneo! 

Image of the month archive 2004 and each year is now separate
Image of the month 2003   Image of the month 2002

Wet rice in Bali

geo1.jpg (115289 bytes) geo2.jpg (106638 bytes) geo3.jpg (87192 bytes) geo4.jpg (116627 bytes)
geo5.jpg (99086 bytes) geo7.jpg (93051 bytes) geo8.jpg (71880 bytes) Thanks to Edwin Chew from Singapore, for these stunning views of padi fields in Bali

Rainforests of Borneo and Ecuador

Thank you to Garreth Stockton, Abbotshome School, for his images from his recent visits to Borneo and Ecuador. 

There are some good tips for survival in the forest here too!

Learning from Ugandan Perspectives

Photographs of Uganda from Bob Jones, former Head of Geography at Alleyne's High School in Stone. Bob and 6 other teachers took part in a study visit project in April 2004, "Learning from Ugandan Perspectives" organised by Tide~. These photos taken by Bob give an overview of life in Uganda.


newsite.gif (147 bytes)Geo-irony - Witty and ironic geo-images

This is often the image of the month but of late quite a few have been coming in so send in some more...'only in'...images feature as well as some superbly challenging images...

Thanks to Peanuts for permission to use this cartoon for educational purposes only.

Have you got a sequence of images to be animated?

We have started a new idea, animated images.  Watch a blowhole in action...or a wave crashing on a headland.  Any other ideas for this.. Short video sequences may be possible too. No more than 30 seconds...Click on the image to find out more..

newsite.gif (147 bytes)Geophoto enquiries - Find out why Dogs where sunglasses in Japan and that dead trees improve people's quality of life in Malaysia...and more

Good slide shows involve, mystery, storytelling and memorable images.  This new site, tries to capture the imagination of the learner.  They start with mystery and develop the story. You too can do one for others to use.

Countries covered Japan, Malaysia, Iceland, USA, Slovenia and where might you offer?

The International Development Research Centre: Images

The IDRC Photo Library - is the Canadian Development Agency is brilliant for photos of development issues and development projects. Search by place and theme. Favela was very rich as was Brazil.  India too and street children. 

Ian Murray's Photo Gallery

Why don't you use your e-learning credits to subscribe to Geography Photos. http://www.geographyphotos.com 

Ian Murray's site provides a wide range of inspirational photos to support geography teaching at all ages and levels. Images can be downloaded direct from the internet or ordered as photographic prints or high resolution digital files. Ian is keen to hear from anyone with photos to share to further improve what is already a really valuable resource for geography teachers. There are some special photos here and it is to be recommended.

Images from Scarborough and more

David Gardner at The Raincliffe School website includes a vast collection of images of the Scarborough area - the home page at http://www.raincliffe.com/  includes a quick link to images of Scarborough, the virtual Scarborough links to other sites with images. Clicking through the pupil door provides access to the homework website where there is extensive collections of images in the Geography and History sections - History includes in the Year 9 section a collection of images showing Victorian Scarborough, with images of buildings taken by us together with links to collections of Victorian postcards as well as an interactive Victorian map.

Handy hints when searching for images

If you search for a country name in www.google.co.uk under the images search, what you get is maps! The best lessons with internet maps are those which look at quality and ask pupils to compare them. 

 If you want good images sites of a particular country add the word images or photographs to the name of the country in a normal web search.

wpe1.jpg (43357 bytes)We've captured the shot - 
can you capture the caption?

Carly Goodwin from Holden Lane High School has sent these two PowerPoint presentations, which provide pupils with images to study and then they are asked to write an informative and creative newspaper style caption for each picture.

Bangladesh flooding presentation

Afghanistan earthquake presentation 

Shop in Esna 10.jpg (76262 bytes)Images from Egypt

David and Jeannette Hodgkiss have provided this insight into the diverse nature of this modern country, yet where you are never far from the past and how the river Nile still influences it today.

Watch out for the floods!
They have unknown hazards!

From our own flood correspondents was a project in 2000 when vast areas of the Midlands were inundated especially on the Severn and the Trent.


newsite.gif (147 bytes)Thanks to Brian Thomas of Bewdley High School for these photos of the demountable flood protection scheme.  These haven't really been tested yet!  But interesting

newsite.gif (147 bytes)Website of the month - Images of the World 

This is a fantastic resource for teaching the geography of India, Jamaica and Thailand.  It will help give a wow factor in your teaching. It is people centred and ideal images for giving a broader view of those places you study from KS1 to KS5!.

David Rayner's GeoResources 

I like sushi! GeoResources has a good set of images on Japan, China, Malaysia as well as good Virtual Fieldwork. 

Stuart Hitch's Geography photos on-line

are a great resource of digital images from Holderness, Milton Keynes, North Staffordshire, London Docklands etc.

Thanks to all concerned


Gavin Richards of GeoExplorer  has added new photos to his collection recently. The series on Kenya are particularly good.

There are also collections on coasts, Antarctica and China.

More than Images of Northern Ireland et.al

This website is very very good. It has been designed for Northern Ireland geographers, but you may find great images, animations and a great DME for Lough Swilly. Well done Stephen Roulston for creating this and letting SLN know!  You will not be disappointed!


2. Aqaba view of Eilat and Aqaba.JPG (78689 bytes)Images of Jordan

With thanks to Bob Jones from Alleyne's High School in Stone, for sending in these fascinating and stunning images with interesting captions following a recent visit to Jordan. 
Click to view full image

  This animation will partly explain the landscape of Cannock Chase.

What made the Chase what it is? How did this boulder find itself 200 km from a place where there is similar rock?


Brazil Images and links

Thanks to Kevin Moloney for allowing us to use these images of Brazil in our teaching. 


Warning: Some pupils may find one or two images disturbing. Please be aware that this material has the following copyright notice:

Use of the material found on this web site shall be limited to use in Geography classes at the Staffordshire or other UK state schools. Material must be presented as seen unless otherwise approved by the creator -- Kevin Moloney -- and cannot be copied or reproduced in any other form without prior permission.

Fly and float with Fergal
Fergal is the frog that will guide you through some excellent aerial photographs of the Trent from Knypersley (one of the sources) to Blacktoft (the mouth).

Sally Sanders from Ryecroft Middle School in Rocester, has created two differentiated worksheets for Y5 pupils to use with the River Trent website. Click here for River Trent worksheet and click here for Freddie Frog worksheet, a slightly easier version. 

Map of Saxony, click to visit web siteStaffordshire-Saxony Geography Connection

A new site is the result of a trip to Saxony by geography teachers from Staffordshire . It is an on going project and will be updated with teaching materials in December.
Visit the site!

1.jpg (40998 bytes)The Welsh Farm

Thanks to Andy Houseley at Sandon High School for this photo-portrait of a Welsh Hill farmer. 

"How do Glaciers alter the Landscape?"

This is a visual treat from Dr Peter Knight of  Keele University.

A brilliant and a reminder that Geomorphology is about making sense of landscape change as well as disaster, death and destruction. He posed a good teaser.  What has Madeley, North Staffordshire  have to do with an ice dammed lake?  Peter has kindly recreated a virtual lecture on line.

Look out for some more images and a good guide to basal ice.  http://www.petergknight.com/glaciers/ 

You can go directly to it at: "Glaciers, Geomorphology and Landscape" : The 2000 Stanley Beaver Lecture

Yangtze riverGA China Study Tour, Summer 2001/2002



Images of China available at www.geography.org.uk/project/china.html 



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