Decision Time for Guiseppe Cosanostro

Paul Thompson from Ounsdale High School in Wombourne uses this decision making exercise to reinforce the issues about migration as part of a unit on Italy. Pupils are asked to consider the "triggers" which are likely to influence a young man's decision about whether to leave his home in rural Aliano or to move to find work. Teachers are advised to print out the statements onto card and cut them up for ease of sorting.  (Download the Statements here in Word format - click with your right mouse button and select Save Target as.)

It should be note that Guiseppe (Joey) is about 20 years of age, he is able-bodied but not a high flyer in academic terms. He has just completed his college course and has to make a decision….

  1.  Look at the statements on the cards 

  2.  Sort out which ones represent ‘Background’ information which describe the general context of his life and which ones may be seen as ‘triggers’ …. precipitating a decision. The triggers are likely to affect Joey’s decision.

  3.  Label on the sheet B or T accordingly.

  4. Write a paragraph based upon the background. Think about ordering the statements in a logical way. This paragraph should set the scene.

  5. Now look at the Triggers! Sort them out into 2 groups
    a) those that are likely to make him move away from the area (Write these out and put them in order of importance)
    b) those that are likely to make him stay (Order these ones in the same way).

  6. What do you think Joey should do? Explain your decision.
  7. Imagine a number of young people like Joey move away from the area.
    What would be the consequences i) to Aliano
    ii) to the areas they migrated to?
  8. Imagine if Joey stayed in Aliano …. what kind of life would he have? Try to give as full an answer as possible. (Mention – job, home, marriage, prospects….)

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