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DSC01413.JPG (69174 bytes)These were taken on a recent teachers inspection visit with Discover the Living Planet.  There are many acknowledgements. Particular thanks to Tony Escritt and Majang Banggai of Borneo Adventure and the company of the teachers who went on the February 2004 Teachers visit.

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All photographs can be used in any teaching and learning context in a school.

1. Where is this place?

A portrait of a less developed or is it really a newly industrialising country?

2. How does a developing country build such monumentally spectacular buildings?

What does it mean to be in a newly industrialised country?


3. How does Islam help plan a new city?

An enquiry into urban planning with religious roots.

DSC01398.JPG (1474423 bytes) 4. Why do Malaysian cities have such deep gutters?

An enquiry into equatorial climates.


5. How might drugs help save the wild Orang Utan?

An enquiry into life and development in the rainforests of Sarawak


6. How come these dead trees are helping people have a better quality of life?

How the life of the Iban people is changing where a combination of HEP and eco-tourism


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