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Tectonic processes
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Population and Migration
Rivers and Coasts
Places and biomes
Environmental issues


Please also see other sections of the Thinking through Geography pages, as most of the examples are set in the context of real places.

'Should the South Downs be a National Park', is a big debate in the SE of England. This mystery activity was designed with GCSE students in mind but could be adapted for younger year groups. Susan Luxford
Why is Sanjay’s home insurance so high? Sanjay lives in Bangladesh - sort the cards out to find out why his insurance is so high and design a poster to explain why. The mystery is here. Jennie Denton, Whalley Range High School, Manchester
Urbanisation in India Living Graph
Can your students interpret a population pyramid? Jennie Denton, Whalley Range High School, Manchester, shares this living graph based on urbanisation in Kolkata with us. Ask the students to put the labels in the correct place on the graph.
Rainforest dominoes and a possible homework activity Rainforests in your home (Publisher file).
Martin Smith, trainee teacher from Stoke on Trent. 
UK atlas Dominoes in an Excel file. NB They print out onto 31 pages of paper - one domino per page! UK Atlas work
With thanks to Joanne Booker Jones, from  North Halifax Grammar School. 
Japan Mysteries Why is Kauri moving to Derby?
Jackie Arundale along with staff at Westfield School, Sheffield, have offered this
mystery and writing frame and levelled mark scheme linked to Japan. NB refs. to EU quotas have been deliberately left out  in the cards, but could be added in easily by anyone who felt it was relevant fro their pupils, Mystery      Writing Frame     Mark Scheme 
John Lewis' Thinking Bananas

Why haven't Pedro's children got shoes to wear? 
John Lewis
from Padgate High School, Warrington has offered this lesson which follows on from the BBC programme on Trade, Development and Aid which uses banana growing in Ecuador as a case study. He has used it successfully with Yr 9.

Odd one out Kenya Alison Bowers, Le Bocage International School, Mauritius
Castleton, Peak DistrictWho killed Jeremy?
Jeremy Burns was brutally murdered whilst enjoying a quiet drink in ‘The Castle’ public house, in the village of Castleton, on Tuesday 30th April at around 8.15 pm. He was aged 28 and single, believed to be a visitor from the Sheffield area. He was dead within seconds of being attacked; a post mortem revealed two slash wounds to the chest. Question was, who killed him and WHY?? Read the details of the suspects, along with your snippets, and decide… With thanks to Carly Goodwin from Holden Lane High SchoolSuzanne Ward, Head of humanities at Mount St Marys High in Leeds, has sent this Who Killed Jeremy PowerPoint which will help pupils visualise the area in which this murder happened and introduces the suspects. Karl Roberts, Oldershaw School has sent another PowerPoint the the mug shots of the suspects!
Julian Clampin's  Mystery - Why is make-up threatening tigers in India?
This is a geographical mystery I have created from an article in The Observer from about 6 weeks ago. I am intending to use it in our Year 7 scheme of work on India, but it could also be used as an "Environmental Issue". Basically mining for soapstone - which is used in cosmetics - is being carried out illegally in an India wildlife reserve, thereby threatening the habitat of the tigers. Teachers can prepare the cards from the templates attached. Students need to work out the most relevant facts and solve the mystery. Teacher notes also included in attached document.
These mysteries were sent to us by Daniel Greenfield
He used these Antarctica mysteries with Year 8. These are Word files which you can download.
Antarctica animal mystery 
Antarctica mystery

Please also see the Antarctica web enquiry elsewhere on this site



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