Europe's Banana Grower?
Iceland two continents?
Boiling water from rock
How The End survived
Black sand not polluted
Why is it called Iceland
Why so many waterfalls?

SLN geography@Iceland 2003

Were back from Iceland and here are the pages that try and give you a flavour of the fantastic experience it was. Twenty-seven SLN Geography teachers from Berkshire to Sunderland and a few from Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.  

Thanks to www.living-planet.co.uk/ for their splendid organisation and a great trip.

Here are the first set of images and video clips combined as a set of photo story enquiries - If you need some A and W now here it is.

All photographs can be used in any teaching and learning context in a school but cannot be used for other purposes.

SLNgeography@Iceland2003  – Photo-enquiries

1 Where can they grow bananas near the Arctic Circle?
2 Why is Iceland on two continents?
3 How do you explain boiling water coming from the ground?
4 Why did the house 'The End' survive and the one called ‘Lava’ didn't?
5 How can sand be black and not polluted?
6 Why is it called Iceland?
7 Why has Iceland got so many waterfalls?
8 Here are some photos for the members of the trip. Have a go at a caption competition 

Perspectives on the trip will follow.

If any one else would like to contribute a picture story like these about anywhere in the world then e-mail kate.russell@staffordshire.gov.uk 

Teaching and learning activities and resources

Jo Hazel has been really creative with exploding volcanoes and geography detectives.


  • A group of us met in the bar and came up with the Paradox of Iceland.
  • Adam Nichols, Sunderland KS3 Teaching and learning consultant offers an Iceland Odd One Out
  • The group all wrote down all the stories and anecdotes from the trip: Heimaey and the Westmann Islands and Iceland stories. This great experience that got us off to thinking about photo enquiries. The group express their expectations and special memories here
  • Corinne Taylor from Boney Hay Primary School devised a series of lessons based on this Grid Club website  The lesson plans are here

Some websites for Iceland for further perspectives on this dramatic country. 


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