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Bako National Park

Bako is on a peninsular north east of Kuching and can only be reached by boat from the fishing village of Bako, on the Sarawak river. It was Sarawak's first national park, established in 1957.

Waterfront at Bako  064.jpg (598011 bytes)Bako waterfront.JPG (816223 bytes)

Longboat to Bako.JPG (935914 bytes)

Waterfront at Bako where we embarked on our longboat trip on the Sarawak River to the National Park. (RW, RGJ and CC)

Bako fisherman 065.jpg (297722 bytes)

Bako fisherman speeds out to sea. Note the rain clouds forming over the island. (RW and RGJ)

a local fisherman.JPG (319171 bytes)

A typical days work, a local fisherman on the way to the Bako National Park (PB and JH)

Adam at Bako.jpg (68059 bytes)Welcome to Bako.JPG (737258 bytes)

The signs at the entrance to the National Park (and Adam has just got off the boat that took us there!) (CS)

Mangrove swamp 2.JPG (809445 bytes)Mangrove swamp.JPG (814533 bytes)

Mangrove swamps are plentiful in the tidal river estuaries and coast (CC)

Green tourism  066.jpg (718240 bytes)A keen green eye from the bottom up.JPG (611684 bytes)

Green tourism - recycling cans at the remote Bako National Park. (RW and RGJ, PB and JH)

Wild hog.jpg (53462 bytes)

This wild hog was quite at home wandering round the park site and beach! (CS)

Sound advice in Bako national park.JPG (591528 bytes)Warning sign.jpg (81481 bytes)

Sound advice in Bako National Park (JH, PB and CS)

Shadow at midday  072.jpg (668781 bytes)

As we were only 100km from the Equator, the sun was directly overhead at the middle of the day, producing a very compact shadow. (RW and RGJ) 

South China Sea island  237.jpg (431214 bytes)

Island in the South China Sea from Bako beach. (RW and RGJ)

Sunset at Bako.jpg (27965 bytes)

Sunset (and silhouettes!) at Bako (CS)

Plunge 001.jpg (750844 bytes)

Taking the plunge again above the waterfall after a long hot walk through the rain forest. Risk assessments went out of the window as we leapt in, desperate to cool off. The water was as refreshingly cool as the dip in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland was soothingly warm. (RW and RGJ)

Not a tourist in sight.JPG (612358 bytes)

As we moved away from the main jetty at Bako village the reality of their living conditions hit us, and not a tourist in sight (PB and JH)

Thanks to Discover the Living Planet and Borneo Adventure for their splendid organisation and a great trip.

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