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'China's One Child Policy – Is it working? Is it fair? Is it absolute?

Purpose of the enquiry

1)To gain an up to date view of this emotional and controversial subject;

2)  Use the Internet to access a range of websites on China's One Child Policy that provide particular points of view and that update the original policy.

2) To construct a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of suitable downloaded images and information that critically examines the policy.

3) Provide students with important case study material for GCSE.  

Outcome expected.

Students to compile up to 10 slide PowerPoint presentation [with notes for more details]



Using the information provided below complete each of the three tasks by accessing a new, blank PowerPoint presentation


2 - 3 slides- ‘Why it makes sense to only have one child.’ (10 marks)


Design a slide to be used as part of an advertising campaign by the Chinese government. The slide explains why Chinese families should have only one child. The slide will be shown on Chinese TV, please use downloaded images from websites, animation and textboxes to build a strong and convincing case.


2 – 3 slides- ‘The benefits of China’s one-child policy.’ (10 marks)


The second slide has also been requested by the Chinese government. This identifies the benefits to the country of having introduced the one-child policy. Adopt a similar approach to that used when you compiled the previous slide. Any statements made need to be backed up by statistics in order to be effective.


2-3 slides- ‘China’s one child policy is a failure.’ (10 marks)


You are part of a human rights campaign group that is opposed to China’s one-child policy. Design a slide that is critical of the policy. Each point made needs to be written as a short news paper article with an eye-catching bold type heading, followed by a short paragraph providing the detail together with the source of the report. This slide will be used by your organisation to demonstrate its opposition to the policy. Remember to make your slide as eye-catching and thought provoking as possible.


2-3 slides – ‘A summary of the arguments for and against and the balance of evidence’


You have been asked by the BBC to review the policy in a balanced way so that both sides of the argument are heard.  Design a few slides to make your conclusions.


'China's One Child Policy – Is it working? Is it fair? Is it absolute?

Useful websites



http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/asia-pacific/newsid_941000/941511.stm Recent BBC news article.


http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2002/07/30/wchi30.xml an
article forming part of the Daily Telegraph website, which provides an update on the policy together with useful hyperlinks to other relevant sites.


http://www.oneworld.org/ips2/apr98/06_19_005.html provides you with current information on China's One Child Policy. The article has been written by  Inter-Press Service, a media organisation that provides information on global issues.

Anti China’s one child policy

http://www.time.com/time/asia/magazine/99/0927/children_palace.html an article written for ‘Time’ magazine.


Pro China’s one child policy


http://www.cpirc.org.cn/eindex.htm China Population Information and Research Centre  


s  Once you've completed your PowerPoint presentation, print off the slides and add them to your Geography folder as this will provide you with important case study material.