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Global Warming

Will Millennium Island disappear within the next 50 years?

Antarctic temperatures have risen by more than two degrees since 1940

Look at the headlines below What is the link between these headlines?

Millennium Island will disappear within 50 years
Millennium Island, the first place on earth to see in the new Millennium will disappear by about the year 2050 because the sea level will rise and the Pacific Ocean will cover the island.

Hurricanes set to grow fiercer
Scientists in the US believe hurricanes may become more powerful in the next few decades, and that the damage they cause will be much greater.

UN urges rich to slash consumption
Climate disaster possible by 2100
The report, which comes from the highly influential Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), envisages one scenario in which carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at the end of the next century are five times what they are today.
This would almost certainly have dire consequences for the Earth's climate system, with much higher global temperatures and sea levels. Such a scenario would inevitably cause social and economic upheaval as populations migrated from flooded coastal communities.

Ski resorts fear meltdown
Some popular Italian ski resorts could be without snow by 2008

Global warming threat to Britain's coast
As political leaders discuss the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at the world environment conference in Buenos Aires, damaging weather patterns are already having a disastrous effect on Norfolk's coastline.

The last headlines gives the game away if you have not worked it out already!

Why might Millennium Island disappear? 
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