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Why is conservation important ?

Think about this cartoon.

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The Big Enquiry Question:
Why is conservation important?

Purpose of the enquiry

We all know that conservation is important. The media bombard us with environmental problems that need 'solving'. The purpose of this web enquiry is for you to assess how important conservation really is, using a variety of case studies taken from the local area and nationally.

Your Task: A clever, well-designed information leaflet for the Countryside Commission explaining the importance of conservation. It must also raise awareness of the issues and people involved. The Commission requires the leaflet to stress the need for, and importance of conservation; this is to be done through the use of at least two case studies, one of which must be local, with the other taken from elsewhere in the UK. It is intended that different leaflets will be produced for other areas of the UK. The leaflets will be available to the general public in libraries and Tourist Information Centres.

You will need to include A clear definition of what conservation means. General background about conservation in the UK. Specific information about your case study areas / sites - they may be in need of conservation, or may be managed in some way already. Some assessment of the pressures and conflicting opinions that each of your areas may be under. Details of what individuals can do to assist the conservation process.

Little questions with weblinks

Who manages conservation in the UK?

Where are areas being conserved in Staffordshire? 

What major conservation issues are there in the UK?


What can you do?