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How does being European affect you?

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The Big Enquiry Question
How does being European affect you?

Purpose of the enquiry

We all live in Europe and, as such, are all part of the European Union (EU). Decisions made elsewhere are increasingly affecting our lives here in the UK. Think of currency changes, and all the EU rules and regulations that you read about in the newspapers. Maybe you have seen a large blue sign near some local road improvements that acknowledges the financial help that the scheme has received from the EU? Without a doubt, being part of Europe is affecting us more and more each year.

This web enquiry aims to make you more aware of European decisions that are affecting YOU!

Your Task: You are a researcher for BBC Midlands Today. You have been asked to prepare a detailed plan for a future report to be broadcast on the early evening news. The title of the broadcast is 'Europe - do we really need it?'; it will be televised during European Awareness Week.

Your plan should include an overview of how and why the EU member countries initially agreed to work together; you should also chart any changes that have occurred since the early days. It should also contain at least two specific case studies showing how EU laws and regulations have affected you or your area. Aim to find topical and recent stories for the broadcast.

You will need to include

Background information about the European Union - history, member countries, organisation and function.

At least two case studies which clearly show how European decisions have affected you or your locality. This will require you to investigate specific projects or decisions, with an evaluation of how they have influenced your life.

You should also assess the effectiveness and success of these projects in relation to the quality of life of you, and all the people in your locality.

Little questions with weblinks

What is the European Union?


What decisions have affected the UK?



Europe - do we really need it?




How have decisions or projects affected you locally?


You could search for other views - remember to think about the source - how far is evidence used in the opinions given?  www.google.com