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Nike Web Enquiry

nike.jpg (4047 bytes)Stimulus - Watch Michael Moore's TV nation video extract (Available in a BBC Education Geography Collection Series 2 programme -Globalisation BBC Education - http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/ )

If you don't have it:
visit the Mike and Nike website

There are some transcripts

Think about
Having watched Michael Moore's T.V. Nation :

  • What is his viewpoint on Nike and Phil Knight?
  • Why does he hold this view?
  • Is there an alternative view?
  • What are the questions you need to ask to discover alternative facts and opinions about Nike?
  • What might be the sources you would look for on the web to find out more?

The Big Enquiry Question:
Who are the winners and losers in the Nike trainer global fashion industry?

Your task - Expected Outcome (for the A level students)
You have been asked by you're A level geography teacher to prepare a two hour presentation which will be delivered to Year 6 pupils in your school's feeder primaries (part of their preparation for moving to the secondary school). Your geography teacher is 'well up' on the National Curriculum revision and has chosen the theme of 'Global Citizenship', as she wants some new ideas for the geography schemes of work. She also wants the theme to be relevant to the lives of both A Level and Key Stage 2 pupils and has therefore chosen the global fashion footwear industry.

The presentation must be ready for the primary schools in only two weeks time so you only have time to research the big question using the Internet.
'Who are the winners and losers in the Nike trainer global fashion industry?'

Collect as much evidence as you can about the above enquiry questions.
Be critical about what you see. Why is there so much conflicting information & so many different points of view?

The enquiry questions with weblinks

What is ‘globalisation’?

What and where in the world is Nike?
What is Nikes history? What are the company’s objectives? What are its values? Where in the world are the HQ, subsidiary companies and manufacturing contractors located? ……try mapping them


What is Nike worth?
Market values? Sales? Profits?


What sort of lifestyles and working conditions do Nike employees in LEDC’s have?




What sort of lifestyles do Nike employees in MEDC’s have?



Are things changing?


How can multinational companies become more sustainable?


Time Magazine / March 30, 1998 Vol.151 No.20
http://www.pathfinder.com/time/magazine/1998/ dom/980330/business.taking_a_look_i11.html

How can ‘designer’ or ‘brand’ labels influence our lifestyles?



Who do we believe – multinational corporations or pressure group?

Does globalisation increase the gap between rich and poor?

How does globalisation create both winners and losers?