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Are all Volcanoes the same?

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Big Enquiry Question!: ARE ALL VOLCANOES THE SAME?

  • Is this your idea of a Volcano? If so why?
  • From the picture what tells you that volcanoes are dangerous?
  • What would you add to the picture to match your idea of what a volcano is like?

Purpose of the enquiry - The purpose of the enquiry is to develop a more complex understanding of :

  • The different forms that volcanoes take
  • The different levels of danger volcanoes present.
  • The impact of volcanoes on us.
  • The distribution of volcanoes.

Check it out --- what have you missed? http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/Hazards/What/hazards.html

Are all volcanoes dangerous?

Chaine des Puys, France


There are many popular beliefs about volcanoes, see if you can find out which are true and which are false.

All volcanoes are shaped like a pyramid T/F http://despina.advanced.org/17457/english.html

Volcanoes do not erupt all the time T/F
Shield Volcano 

Volcanoes are found only on the edge of plates T/F http://geography.miningco.com/library/weekly/aa122297.htm

Volcanoes are most dangerous because they produce lava, which burns everything in its path T/F http://www.wnet.org/savageearth/volcanoes/index.html

People do not live near volcanoes because they are dangerous T/F

Volcanoes are of no value to us T/F http://despina.advanced.org/17457/english.html

Your Task: You have recently visited Earth from another planet. Your job is to report back to the commander of your space ship advising him on the safety of the planet and places to avoid when establishing a new colony. Your race is particularly sensitive to volcanic activity and needs to find suitable locations to settle. To accurately detail a plan for a new settlement your report should include:

A map showing the location of active volcanoes.

A list of the types of a volcano and how they can be recognised.

A list of the hazards and damaging effects of an erupting volcano.

An account of an eruption, naming an example and the effects to humans and the environment.

A report on how human beings respond to eruptions before, during and after the event has happened. Your report must be in a form that can be stored on computer disc for security reasons, diagrams and photographic evidence are essential.