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How has the building of the Aswan Dam changed the lives of Egyptians?

Your Task: You have to produce a report for the Egyptian Government, which shows how the River Nile affects the lives of Egyptians. You can use a word processor or desktop publishing package to produce your report, illustrating it with maps and photos from some of the websites you have used. The Government will receive several reports from different groups so try to explain your reasons in detail. They will make a display of the reports and the citizens of Cairo will have the opportunity to make up their own minds based upon your report.

The enquiry can be split into several key questions. 

  • Where is Egypt? 
  • What is the River Nile like? 
  • Why is Egypt often called 'the Gift of the Nile?' 
  • What is the Aswan Dam like? 
  • What impact has the building of the Aswan Dam had on the people of Egypt?

1. Where is Egypt?
It is important to locate Egypt first of all. Using an electronic Atlas (either from a website or a CD-ROM), paste a map into a word processor showing Egypt's position in the world.
Then write a brief description of Egypt's location, including its neighbouring countries and seas.
These websites may help you



2. What is the River Nile like?
The River Nile flows through Egypt and is a very special river. Write a fact file about the River Nile containing information about its journey from source to sea. You may wish to include a map.



3. Why is Egypt often called the 'Gift of the Nile?'
The River Nile provided many 'gifts' to help Egyptians to survive in ancient times and also today. What were they and why are they so important?

The Gifts of the Nile River

(scroll down to find the section on the River Nile)

(Who do you think produced this website, incidentally?)


4.What is the Aswan Dam like?
The Aswan Dam was built to stop the unpredictable floods of the River Nile every year and to control its flow through Egypt.
When was the dam built? What does it look like? What does the lake look like?


http://www.tourism.egnet.net/attraction/cities/ASWAN/index.asp (Incidentally, why do you think the Aswan Dam is described as 'world-famous' and 'an engineering miracle' on this website?)

5. What impact has the building of the Aswan Dam had on the people of Egypt?

The Aswan Dam has brought several good points and some bad points to the people of Egypt since it was built. Make a list of good points (advantages or positive factors) and bad points (disadvantages or negative points). You may want to complete the table below to help you.




Good points
 (advantages or positive factors)
Bad points
(disadvantages or negative points).
? ?
? ?
? ?

Make your mind up!

Do you think that the building of the Aswan Dam has changed the lives of Egyptians forever? 

Would you agree that 'The Gift of the Nile is no more'?