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Geo- Excellence in Secondary Schools

This site is about celebrating an aspect of good practice in secondary schools. Thanks very much to all those who have worked hard to deliver these pages. 

Staffordshire register of fieldwork locations

Staffordshire teachers have created a register of fieldwork locations which they use for geography. The register can be found here in full  Staffordshire register of fieldwork locations (version1, March 2009)

Just good ideas!

Sometimes you send things in which don't seem to fit into any of the existing categories! This new section is for those items! Some of them will be items mentioned on the forum and sent in by contributors to forum discussions. 

More Thinking Through Geography

Teachers in Staffordshire have created classroom activities inspired by some of the ideas in Thinking Through Geography by David Leat. These pages are growing fast thanks to the contributions of teachers from far and wide. Have you done any with your students that you would like to share with others?

Click here for all the materials updated August 2006 - some of the new materials are about migration in Brazil, bananas, Lynmouth flood, globalisation, traffic congestion, London Docklands, 3 Gorges Dam,  Antarctica, coastal erosion and global warming. New mysteries being added regularly! New dominoes starters on Bangladesh and settlement, rivers and UK Atlas work! Also some Most Like to ... and Odd One Out activities. 

Flip Flotsam

Flip Flotsam is a 30-minute documentary film about the ‘flip-flop circle of life’. Filmed along the Kenyan coast, the flip-flop life story starts in factories in Mombasa, moving on to the Swahili island of Lamu. From here, worn-out flip-flops are discarded and washed out into the Indian Ocean. Flip-flops are often sea-borne for years, before washing up on beaches on the tiny island of Kiwayu. Left alone, these non-degradable pieces of rubber would disrupt the fragile marine environment. However, on Kiwayu, islanders are transforming the flip flotsam into eye-catching products such as bags, key-rings and toys. These materials are the result of a collaboration project between the Cambridgeshire Geography Teachers’ Network and the Harambee Centre for Development and Environmental Education.  It was funded by Global Thinking which is coordinated by the East of England Development Education Network (EEDEN) and financed by the UK Department for International Development.

Flip Flotsam introduction
Flip Flotsam poem
Symbols of Islam

Resource overview
Perceptions of Africa - lesson and resources (ZIP file)
Inventive world - lesson and resources (ZIP file)
Marine Marvels - lessons and resources (ZIP file)
Plastic Phenomena - lessons and resources (ZIP file)
Wasteful world - lessons and resources (ZIP file)

People involved

Contact Ruth or Jane for further information about these resources.

Creativity in geography

What about music to stimulate creativity. Sarah Todd and team at Stanchester, Somerset make you smile again.

Sue Sturman, Gloucestershire has provided a unit of work based on using ICT to be creative with weather.

See the new Iceland detectives in Newbury. The Griffin Geography Passport, Mapping sporting journeys, real purpose and audience work and these world cartoon maps. 

Click on the wonderful cartoon map of the world to find out more!

Make Time for Decision Making Exercises

We must recognise that enquiry and DMEs are in a way the lifeblood of citizenship in geography.

How do you get young people to make discussions based on argument and evidence.

Here are some to start on Wind, Antarctica and....

Role plays - can we make them better?

Set in a National Park Village, Jo Brake and Rachael Close, Finham Park, Coventry have offered a lesson where they use the 'jigsaw' technique of improving pupils responses.

Sue Sturman AST Gloucestershire has offered this unit of work on Antarctica, using the web, visual learning, thinking skills and video to improve arguments

Look at the examples here

Are there more out there? Any unusual ones or any where your teaching techniques have improved the outcomes.

'Selling' geography

Miles Aarons, Head of Geography, Jumeirah College, Dubai, UAE sent these presentations


Andrew Fuller, Westlake Girls' School, New Zealand sent this one What is the Point of Studying Geography

Very useful geography marketing display PowerPoint from RGS:

Poster conversion kit (This presentation created by Val Vannet, High School of Dundee)

RGS main page here (for careers guidance)

GCSE Options booklet

Darren Christian, Wirral Grammar School for Boys, offers a PowerPoint he uses with Year 9 students asking them to consider geography. Although specifically for WGS, the concept can be adapted to your local situation.

Anthony Gillett has sent a copy of the options booklet he has created which he hopes others may find useful. It worked at Chorlton High School in Manchester in recruiting students. 

Jilly O'Brien, Head of Geography Ysgol Aberconwy, sent in this Year 9 options booklet which she uses to encourage her students to take GCSE geography. Ysgol Aberconwy is in N Wales and they do WJEC syllabus A. 

This RGS Choose Geography leaflet for pupils was included in the Spring term Teaching Geography. Download your copy (.pdf) here. 

What are your ideas? Perhaps we can get one for every syllabus.  What also improves take up?  Answers on an email please...

GeoRevision ideas

To start this feature off we have a couple of ideas from Staffordshire Schools - what else do you do?  Mnemonics, games, ideas can they come our way to help pupils please.

Visual learning - if you do one - we will have lots! 

Click on the picture board to open up a world of visual learning.

Reinventing the slideshow is crucial to 21st Century Geography

Get out those big pictures and get young people thinking and participating in your classroom.

Gameshow Geography

This is trying to bring together any ideas teachers use to make learning fun.  Olde quiz formats never die they remain with schools way after they are trendy but who cares?  This is the new media age!

Gifted and Talented at Geography

When are geographers gifted? When are the talented? I wrote this list of criteria which will provoke discussion. Has anyone else got else got stuff to feed into the debate. Gifted at geography?

Bob Jones has sent this to add to the debate Talented and Gifted 

What have people done that might enhance learning for more able geographers?

Citizenship in geography

Geography could not exist without a citizenship element.  Bob Jones has sent this in to get the ball rolling - sent in any teaching ideas. Citizenship and Geography

We must guard against indoctrination and remember it is our duty to encourage informed debate about the issues.

Literacy and Language for learning in geography

Gary Dawson's work on a Literacy policy as well as reading ideas.  Wordmats abound, connectives mat, rivers mat.  Real purpose and audience ideas are found in the creative section below.

wpe3.gif (16789 bytes) Assessment for learning ideas brought together

How might we monitor progress, help students understand how to get better in geography? You too can think about the approach you wish to take.

There are many ideas here for you to trial.  

Personal Geography - do we do enough of it?

Click on Hattie Tsang's image to find out more! What are the  50 places to see before you die? How are you connected to other places?

Sporting fever - using ICT creatively

All sorts of teaching and learning ideas related to sporting events around the globe. 

Follow this link to get a variety of material as stimulus material

The Geography of recent and current events 

Chris Kelly, formerly Head of Geography, Charles Edward Brooke School, Brixton has always responded to topical and current events.  Just before Christmas, he looked at the geography of our UK Christmas dinner and has updated it with one version for KS3 and another version for KS4. He is also offering SLN browsers a lesson on Afghanistan.  It may need you to amend it for your own Atlas but at least it is topical.

Right click and click 'save target as' to download these word documents.

Don't forget SLN Geography's own links to recent and current events

Virtual Classroom tour
Here is the
Rawlett High School Geography Department value on display for all pupils from year 7 - 13. The stunning classroom environment is tribute to the hard work of Fiona Highfield and Paul Jenkins.
The display raises standards by being illustrative of high quality work from all pupils. Each display item is supporting their development and understanding of sophisticated geographical concepts. Many different techniques are used including concept maps as well as collage.
The value placed on public display of work motivates the pupils and gives them a real audience and purpose for their work.

The old story here!  

Enjoy the new classroom to music!

The Forum "regulars" have been talking about their classrooms and wondering what makes the "perfect classroom" (follow the conversation thread here) and I am pleased to feature some more classroom environments.

Form 2 panorama.JPG (45044 bytes)Thanks to Val Vannet - The High School of Dundee for this photo of her second year class on a Friday afternoon, making posters on Kenyan holidays. 

High standards for lower ability

 Sandon High School, Stoke-on-Trent can be praised for their work with lower ability pupils. The strategies that Pauline Marsden. Andy Housley and Chris Rutter should be commended. This mucky hand will reveal some hints and tips about how they achieve these standards. 
The full story here!

World Cup South Africa 2010

The world is going "footie" mad. This global event is a wonderful opportunity for geography - there are many different directions using the World Cup as a starting point - there are many different directions taking the World Cup as a starting point might take you - a focus on South Africa or the playing nations, how a global event can change the host nation, development, impact of tourism, etc etc.

There are lots of resources and activities which you can use - some of which are here.

Geographical Association World Cup pages (some available to all and more for GA members!!)

FIFA official site

TIDEC~ Global learning and the World Cup

Gapminder Football World Cup for rich countries?

World Cup 2010 .… It is all about the Geography!
A scheme of work from James Simmonds,
Edenham High School, Croydon. Some of the lessons make use of resources from others, such as TIDEC~ and the GA (see links above)
Its all about the geography! Scheme of Work
Lesson 1 Why geography and the world cup are linked (PPT)   Card sort task Word
Lesson 2 Why is the World Cup important to Capetown (PPT)   Mystery cards (with thanks to TIDEC~)
Lesson 3 What problems might the World Cup cause PPT
Lesson 4 How will the World Cup impact on the residents of Capetown PPT     Character profiles   Impact scales
Lesson 5 (2 lessons)  Development PPT    Trump cards    Introduction    Using the cards (with thanks to the Geographical Association)

Lesson 6 Who is competing in the World Cup? PPT
Lesson 7 Trade PPT   Mind Movie story
Homework task

Will the World Cup Change South Africa? Jill Judd shares her links to 5 lesson SOW on  that she's uploaded to 4shared.com. It includes some clips from the Teachers TV video 'Africa is Calling'.www.4shared.com/file/T5hhMYpL/1_What_is_SA_like.html

Adam Lawson has created a set of resources to get across the complex geographies of the nation and holding the World Cup which he shared on the SLN forum and can be downloaded here

Paul Cornish and Stephen Page, The Coopers' Company and Coborn School Specialist Humanities College, World Cup Google Earth resources includes kmz file, lesson plan, worksheets and PowerPoint (GE file, you may need to link each icon with a face from the "faces folder")

Top Trumps cards for the World Cup saved in 8 separate Word documents. Sorry author unknown. Download here

World Development Movement Who Should I Cheer for They have ranked the World Cup countries based on social justice issues.

NUT Football and Freedom

Fieldwork abroad

Two fieldwork experiences described by real schools in France and Malta.


This page last updated 03 April 2012