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Flora and Fauna of Borneo

Proboscis in tree.jpg (61013 bytes)Proboscis in tree2.jpg (59793 bytes)

Proboscis monkey.jpg (35201 bytes)

Proboscis monkeys are only found in Borneo; we saw several at Bako National Park (CS)

Old man of forest 023.jpg (945345 bytes)

A close encounter with an old man of the forest.  (RW and RGJ)

Orang Utans 285.jpg (849211 bytes)Monkeying around.JPG (1426697 bytes)

Orang Utan2.JPG (1331231 bytes)Orang Utan.JPG (1183237 bytes)

Who can ever forget our experience with the orang-utans at Semenggoh Wildlife Centre? (RW and RGJ and CC) 

Going for food.jpg (76364 bytes)Orang Utan.jpg (27646 bytes)

We were all enchanted with these "men of the forest." (CS)

macaques.jpg (33583 bytes)macaque.jpg (858215 bytes)

Macaque and baby; these monkeys are rather endearing, but can steal from you! They are brave creatures! (CS)

hornbill.jpg (32395 bytes)

A Hornbill (CS)

Stork billed kingfisher.jpg (25908 bytes)

A Stork billed Kingfisher (CS)

Cactus flower.JPG (885984 bytes)Forest cactus.jpg (40794 bytes)

Forest cactus; well it may not be a cactus but this exotic bloom certainly stood out in the forest! (CS)

Towering forest giant 073.jpg (1204536 bytes)Lianas on tree2.JPG (1364291 bytes)

These towering forest giants had huge trailing lianas. (RW and RGJ)

Forest canopy.JPG (931957 bytes)

Forest canopy (CC)

Spiky plant.JPG (826635 bytes)

We had to be careful what we used as a handrail while we were walking through the forest! (CC)

Buttress roots.JPG (822354 bytes)

Buttress roots (CC)

A strange root.JPG (882131 bytes)

A strange root (CC)

Pitcher plant 078.jpg (912753 bytes)

Pitcher plants are carnivorous. They contain scented, sticky liquid that attracts insects. (RW and RGJ)

Thanks to Discover the Living Planet and Borneo Adventure for their splendid organisation and a great trip.

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