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Gameshow Geography - if you do one - we will have lots! 

This site is about the development of resource which:


making geography fun


are creative in the use of interactive whiteboards


encourage better questioning and participation

What formats are there?

bulletQuestion of Sport?
bulletYou name them

A number of game templates can be downloaded from http://jc-schools.net/tutorials/PPT-games/

Picture reveals

Alan Parkinson, Kings Lynn, Norfolk has offered this variation on the picture reveal exercise as a starter activity......it is dead easy to adapt

Tony Cassidy, Kirk Hallam, Derbyshire has offered 'Mission Impossible' a sketching exercise on coasts with a difference...

Who wants to be a millionaire? Farming and Population....

Thanks to Gareth Stockton from Cheadle High School for this.

Download Who wants to be a farming millionaire? 550kb

Karen Morris from Moray has sent in this version for population that could be adapted too.

Download Who wants to be a farming millionaire? 620kb

Who wants to be a millionaire? Japan and Kenya

Thanks to Howard Price from Failsworth School in Manchester who has sent in loads of examples for Interactive Whiteboards. Here is one for a tasters - Who Wants to be a Billionaire with the theme of Japan and Kenya, in a PowerPoint presentation format. The game is adapted from the template by Mark E Damon which can be downloaded from TeachNet's website


A question of ....... the nine-number pictureboard

John Hamshaw, Thomas Silverdale School, Sheffield has offered this a visual starter for glaciation, visually stunning and an excellent warm up for a lesson.   The purpose of  starters is to warm up, to create the yearning to know more, to set objectives, to create delight.  This is a powerpoint presentation - who could use the format and create more.  Send them in! It is a 600kb Download

bulletJohn Hamshaw A question of glaciation here
bulletJason Wood  A question of coasts [0.7mb]
bulletGill Butterfield's A question of Japan [0.6mb]
bulletCath Cinnamon's A question of Norfolk and its Coast [2.4mb]

Jean Boyling offered these

bullet A question of coasts 2 [2mb]
bulletA question of Kobe [1mb]
bullet A question of the River Tees [400kb]
bulletA question of crime [400kb]

This page last updated 03 April 2012