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GeoRevision ideas - if you do one - we will have lots! 

This site is about the development of resource which provide:


Creative ways of revising


Sources of support for revision


Useful documents for students and teachers

Study tips for visual, auditory and tactile learners
Revision ideas for different learners
Top Ten(ish) Ideas for exam revision time (GA Secondary Phase committee)
Word mat - What is the examination asking you to do?
Word mat- starters and connectives

GCSE revision resources for pupils

Gary Dawson and Simon Tomkinson at Fair Oak Business and Enterprise College in Rugeley have recently produced some revision resources (watch this space for some more!) Originally for AQA A but could be used for other specs too.

These simple PowerPoint presentations that could be used in class, in  an ICT room or at home by students. Multiple choice answers based on past exam questions. Answers are provided at end of the presentation!!

Tectonics           Rivers         Managing resources

Revision guidance for pupils and parents

Thanks to Helen Nurton for this booklet which provide lots of generic guidance to help pupils with their revision. Revision guidance for pupils.

Helen has also created a smaller booklet of advice for parents to help their offspring with revision.

Revision ideas

Marie Hart, Barnwell School, Hertfordshire, runs after-school sessions from the beginning of Feb until year 11 leave.  Each session obviously has a subject focus but students arrange themselves into teams, activities vary, but include some of the following. Students, understandably, are very enthusiastic about this approach!

1. Geography Fortunes based on Family Fortunes e.g I question all GCSE Geographers before the session e.g What is the most important factor in explaining the growth in tourism over the last 30 years ? Then in the session, Ill say 56 GCSE Geographers were asked ., what do you think the top reply was? They discuss in teams and then give their answer.
2. Miming and drawing
case studies
3. Case study Kafuffle
( Little Britain link !! ) I write clues to case studies which gradually get easier, but are worth less points
4. Pass or play.
I have prepared questions on the topic. Students select a number and I read their team question to them. If they decide to play and get it right it worth 2 points, but if they play and get it wrong they lose a point. They can also decide to pass to another team. Bonus points are also available e.g. explain the impacts of acid rain in a Swedish accent, explain why you are concerned about the hole in the ozone layer in an Australian accent its fun and reinforces the location of the case study.
5. Quick on the draw
. E.g students sit back to back , one draws the other describes- an example of use is with a diagram showing the causes and effects of acid rain.
6. Student as teacher.
Groups nominate a teacher from their teams . They then prepare an explanation e.g the Greenhouse effect . They are then sent out of the room and called in one by one and give their account . We award them marks (Strictly dancing style!) Other teams suggest improvements.
7. Rainforest Bingo
8. Team exam questions
. Teams are given GCSE question and write a team answer. ( I have tried Pass the Buck with exam questions in these revision sessions but they play dirty !!)
9. Whats going on?
Students are given a fairly obscure photo or set of images and have to explain what they are showing or what the link might be between images e.g gave them some photos of Greenpeace at work
10. The odd one out with photos
( Have I got news for you style )
11. Zoomed.
This drives them mad ! I zoom in on a photo and they have to guess what it it e.g wind turbine.

These are just some of the activities we have used. The sessions last for an hour, they start promptly and finish promptly. Students give their teams a fun name at the start of each session and a points tally is kept throughout the session. Every Tuesday morning I go to Tesco and buy 30 doughnuts gives everyone  including myself a boost!!!! Sessions have worked particularly well for competitive students especially boys. Students have fun and are motivated and so are we!! Teams may change from week to week, they dont get hung up on always having to be in the same ones I let them decide .

Revision websites

SCool for GCSE and A Level and has a forum for students
GCSE Bitesize
Standard grade Bitesize (Scotland)
Higher grade Bitesize
GeographyPages recommends many sites
GCSE Forums
Revision planners

Mapskills assessment revision

Landforms - word matching

For GCSE a short revision activity, a card sort activity from Linda Beskeen, St. Mary Redcliffe & Temple School, Bristol. 

TABOO - thinking skills

If you are aware of the game taboo, as described in More Thinking through Geography [ed Adam Nichols] then Victoria Ellis, Swanwick Hall School, Derbyshire offers the cards ready made for you to use on these themes:

Weather and Climate Taboo Coastal Taboo  Settlement Taboo


To start this feature off Garreth Stockton from Cheadle High School  shares a technique he has been using with his students for a couple of years which he calls Red Pen Black Pen; this technique draws upon the two sides of our brain and uses concept maps and helps visual learners in particular. The technique is detailed here. An example of a concept map for farming and a blank template for other concept maps 


Thanks to Richard Lycett at Stafford Sports College, for these great ideas.  Richard's GCSE results are outstanding. He prepares the candidates with simple games using these mats.  Create case study cards. Now recall the case studies, Match the case study to the question

The following help make revision fun

bulletRead the case study - draw it in images - try it out on your neighbour see if they can work it out. The processing of words into pictures helps make it memorable
bulletFive Ws - what? where? why? who ? and how [sic]?
bulletThe world of case studies - take a world map and write in the correct location - five essential things to remember. 

This page last updated 03 April 2012