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Geo-Data and GIS 

This is the place to find data projects and GIS information. For example, weather data projects, development data as well as digital maps and ideas for the use of GIS. None of these links can be guaranteed to work now, try a Google search!

GeoDataSource World Cities Database

GeoDataSource provides geographical database gazetteers of world features, cities and ZIP Codes with place names, coordinates, latitude, longitude, and distance calculation.  There is a free query interface for general public.


newsite.gif (147 bytes)Globalrichlist

Global rich list logo

www.globalrichlist.com  is in $ or if you want to do it in then C4 have one too www.channel4.com/4money/funnymoney/richometer/index.html

Thanks to Tony Cassidy Kirk Hallam, Derbyshire, for recommending this site.A great starter activity and scary too. Use it to get pupils to guestimate how many people earn more than

100 dollars per year and then reveal it! and ask what surprised them?

newsite.gif (147 bytes)GIS survey -  you did help

I'm a Masters student at the Institute in London (Ashley Kent/Sheila King are my tutors) looking at the use of GIS in enquiry based learning and developing spatial skills and wondered if you/your site contributors would like to take part? I have done quite a bit of action research myself (not exclusively in Geography which has been quite exciting) and would be keen to contribute what I can to inform others

Mary has updated me recently, saying your responses were really useful, and says "Thanks to all busy SLN users who took part in the recent GIS survey. If anyone else would like help or advice on getting started with GIS or in developing their GIS use in schools please get in touch, thanks again."

Download questionnaire

 Hope any of you  you can help, Mary Fargher  mgfargher@hotmail.com ]

newsite.gif (147 bytes)Spreadsheet lessons

Sheila Morrison, Fortismere School in London has offered this Year 7 climate graphs speadsheet lesson. It is used after class had had an introduction to climates in Australia using Australia 2000 video.  Skill to draw climate graphs developed in next lesson.  Pupils responded really well to this activity it supported the weaker pupils whilst allowing the stronger pupils to use some high level analysis to explain the climate graphs. It is particularly nicely designed and structured.

Download spreadsheet Download worksheet

newsite.gif (147 bytes) Local-Global survey of employment 

Allyson Taylor, Slough Grammar School, has asked: She has just carried out an investigation into the sectors of employment of friends and families of our year 8 pupils. She has managed to get nearly 900 pieces of data which relate to the last 50 years and both MEDCs and LEDCs and have produced some interesting patterns. Would any others be interested in doing the same research and contrasting our data with theirs? 


She is particularly interested in rural schools.  The lesson outline, the form and the spreadsheet that will automatically do the calculation are here. This is a wonderful national potential project.  if people could send me the data too, I will collate the spreadsheets.  I may if it works to be able to create an interactive map.  Go for it?

Thanks to one school in Chatteris Cambs, Allyson was able to compare with the results from Slough. Here is the ppt presentation

7-11 Weblinks GIS and data from the web 

We have updated our weblinks to GIS and databases that are online.

It includes environmental, quality of life, river, population data...

Send us any links that you have.


newsite.gif (147 bytes)GIS potential 2003 

Dave Hassell from BECTa has kindly offered his presentation for people to download.  It is visual and it is big but it does show what the potential is.

david.hassell@becta.org.uk  http://www.becta.org.uk  & http://www.ictadvice.org.uk 

newsite.gif (147 bytes)Help us update GIS stories please

We are looking for stories on the web like this one where Geographic Information Systems [GIS] are used in global business, transport and environmental projects- Any suggestions? 

This example about the retail chain Tesco in Japan could be used to look at overseas investment and interconnections between the UK and Japan.

http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,5-709979,00.html  http://www.mapinfo.co.uk/download/customer/Tesco.pdf  (This is about Tesco using MapInfo [a GIS] to help with expansion into Asia) http://www.thisismoney.com/20021227/nm57280.html  http://japan.internet.com/ecnews/20001004/9.html  http://japan.internet.com/ecnews/20000720/8.html  http://www.siamfuture.com/AsianNews/AsianNewsTxt.asp?aid=2410 

This was the old one to give you ideas Stories and Geographical Information

Next year's date GIS Day 2004 will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2004

Why not tell your pupils a story about GIS on this day or another. Lots of ideas and resources at http://www.gisday.com

Other links at www.esri.com www.mapinfo.com www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk

Census 2001 - Staffordshire

There are more weblinks from the weblinks pages!

As you know census data for 2001 is dribbling out of the Office for National Statistics www.statistics.gov.uk and now Neighbourhood Statistics is on line too with a small GIS system built in.

Mark Sproston from Development Services has kindly made available: 

A district census data report - 300mb pdf file

A spreadsheet of population for Staffordshire as Excel file 

Download quickly by right clicking and save target as

There is also more details on the Staffordshire Research and Information Network http://www.staffordshire.gov.uk/live/welcome.asp?id=1452  

Digital maps of Staffordshire [and possibly Dorset]

If you are interested in obtaining digital maps for Staffordshire and are in a Staffordshire school then contact Kate Russell: Tel: 01785 277966

Investigating the health of a nation, a city, a locality

Now on this website there are some activities for teaching KS3, GCSE and A2 level using geographical health data. 

Find out more by clicking on the map.

Articles & Resources about GIS :

Check out the GIS FIles from the Ordnance SurveyGIS Files Great Britain image

Data, data everywhere and not a jot of meaning 

Stories and Geographical Information

Advice from a teacher who has used ArcView 

Stephen Walker is an ArcView and ArcExplorer user in a Nottinghamshire school. He is happy to provide advice to potential users or exchange data with existing users.  He is happy for you to contact him his address: Stephen Walker, 'Woodland View', 143, Moor Road, Papplewick, Nottinghamshire, UK. NG15 8EP 0115 963 0808

Keele University Weather comes on line

Keele University, School of Earth Sciences and Geography, have been supplying meteorological data for 50 years. They now have a website, which features data updated hourly and a summary of last month's data. 

The Weather at Keele is here!

Geography Weather site This page has been produced as part of the National Grid for Learning Project. Its aim is to provide the user with a range of quality links and materials relating to the teaching and learning of weather related topics. The site includes a presentation of how to create a PowerPoint presentation based on satellite images.
Cheslyn Hay High School

Staffordshire School Weather Data Site
This is a new site dedicated to explaining how to collect basic weather data and encouraging young weather enthusiasts. The project is a result of a Staffordshire Educational initiative to promote the use of the Internet and sharing of weather data from across the county. Site created and managed by Alan Rodgers and Angella Streluk.
Amington Heath Primary School



This page last updated 03 April 2012