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Images of Egypt : 
a selection from David and Jeannette Hodgkiss 

Thank you to David and Jeannette for these interesting photos and for the useful commentary provided too!

Village on Nile 1.jpg (104045 bytes)

A village on the banks of the Nile. Most of the low buildings are constructed using locally made mud bricks; the 2 storey buildings are made of a reinforced concrete frame and mud brick infills. 

Luxor temple 2.jpg (82153 bytes)

Luxor Temple - being dismantled as the foundations are in need of repair as they are being weakened by water from the Nile. This temple is 3,000 - 5,000 years old.

The Nile at Esna 3.jpg (80610 bytes)

The Nile at Esna showing a new promenade being built. Note the builders are working barefoot and using very little, if any, mechanised tools. There is an important temple at Esna, dedicated to "Horus".

Esna 4.jpg (81799 bytes)

A horse drawn carriage called "Caleche" at Esna, used to provide a taxi service for tourists, from the Nile cruisers moored below to the Temple of Horus. 

Building site 5.jpg (69243 bytes)

A small building site showing the basic structure made from reinforced concrete and either mud or clay bricks to form the walls. Concrete is only poured at night, when it is cooler. If it was poured in the heat of the day it would probably set too quickly.

Buildings at Esna 6.jpg (60615 bytes)

Some buildings in Esna opposite the entrance to the Temple of Horus. Esna is about 50 miles south of Luxor, on the Nile but on the opposite bank. There is a dam in Esna, used to control the water in the Nile. 

Cafe Bar at Esna 7.jpg (78797 bytes)

A bar / cafe in Esna. As Egypt is predominantly a Muslim country, alcohol is not generally available. 

Shop in Esna 10.jpg (76262 bytes)

A shop in Esna - how many "Western" products can you spot?


Street Scene Esna 11.jpg (83970 bytes)

Donkey carts are very common as you can tell from this street scene. The Egyptians look after their animals well. 

Water melon stall Esna 8.jpg (71087 bytes)

A market stall is Esna selling water melons. 


Street scene in Esna 9.jpg (56134 bytes)

A street in Esna


Market stall 12.jpg (71750 bytes)

Market stall selling clothes and souvenirs to tourists. the rule here is never accept the first price, if you want to buy then haggle!

Train heading towards Aswan 13.jpg (58080 bytes)

Train heading towards Aswan, taken from a Nile ship. As the ship headed south (upstream) towards Aswan the fertile strip of land  either side of the river became much narrower and the desert was much nearer the river. 

HEP station Aswan High Dam 14.jpg (76489 bytes)

Hydroelectric power station at Aswan High Dam. There are 2 dams at Aswan; the "Aswan Dam" was built by the British at the end of the 19th century and the "Aswan High Dam" built by the Russians in the 1960s. The High Dam formed lake Naser which is one of the largest artificial lakes in the world.

Buildings in Aswan 17.jpg (102415 bytes)

Buildings in Aswan showing the infilling using either mud or clay bricks. The use of clay bricks seems to be taking over from the use of the mud variety.

Spice shop in bazaar Aswan 16.jpg (103713 bytes)

Inside a spice and perfume shop in the bazaar in Aswan - it is called "Isis Spices"

Street scene Aswan Bazaar 18.jpg (124847 bytes)

Street scene in Aswan Bazaar - taken from the driving position of the horse drawn caleche. 

Aswan 15.jpg (71847 bytes)

From a caleche in Aswan - the Nile is just to the right of this picture. 

Balconies in Aswan 19.jpg (103044 bytes)

Balconies on a building in Aswan. Note how close the power supply cables are to the balconies. 

Bazaar scene in Aswan 20.jpg (110553 bytes)

Bazaar scene in Aswan

Egyptian man 21.jpg (82959 bytes)

Egyptian man wearing traditional clothes

Street scene and mosque Aswan 22.jpg (112320 bytes)

Street scene in Aswan showing a small mosque

Nubian boy canoe on Nile Aswan 23.jpg (114397 bytes)

Nubian boy in home made canoe on the Nile in Aswan

Apartments 25.jpg (109086 bytes)

Apartments above a corner shop

Nile just below the Esna lock 27.jpg (76114 bytes)

Rowing boat on the Nile just below the lock at Esna

Street Bazaar at Esna 26.jpg (91469 bytes)

Street Bazaar at Esna

Lock at Esna 28.jpg (84552 bytes)

Lock at Esna - there is a small dam here that is used to control water levels in the Nile

Donkey cart.jpg (91039 bytes)

Donkey cart


Temble at Abu Simbel 29.jpg (103560 bytes)

External facade of the main temple at Abu Simbel

Please also see the web enquiry How has the building of the Aswan Dam Changed the lives of the Egyptians? 



This page last updated 03 April 2012