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Images of Jordan : a small selection from Bob Jones, formerly Head of Geography,  Alleyne's High School, Stone, Staffs ST15 8DT

I was fortunate to be invited to tour Jordan for the period 20-26 May 2002. This tour was financed by the Jordan Tourism Board and led by Tony Escritt, Manager (Educational Programmes) Discover the World. *
There were 18 UK delegates from the educational world as well as 2 guides from Jordan (Ali Abu Shakra Jordan Tourism Board, Mazied Ateeq Desert guide, Wadi Rum)

There are wonderful opportunities to study a variety of geographical topics such as: desert geomorphology, eco-tourism and economic development in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone.

I have selected 20 digital images taken on my trip reflecting the unique character of Jordan. If you want to contact me for more information then e-mail me at robertgjones@yahoo.com

Feel free to use any of these images in your teaching. Click on the thumbnails for the full sized image. 

* for details of school trips organised consult www.arctic-discover.co.uk e-mail study@arctic-discover.co.uk

1. Aqaba railway & desert.JPG (79107 bytes)
Southern Jordan. This freight line mainly carries phosphates linking with the southern port of Aqaba. The railway is 677 long and is called the Hijaz railway.

2. Aqaba view of Eilat and Aqaba.JPG (78689 bytes)
View of Aqaba (foreground) and Eilat (background). The countries of Jordan and Israel both share a small coastline along the Red Sea.

3. coral aqualung.JPG (100597 bytes)
Scuba diving: the coral reef south of Aqaba provides an opportunity for serious diving. Aqaba has over 4,300 hotel beds available for tourists.

4.coral ref Aqaba.JPG (113016 bytes)
Coral reef near Aqaba. Glass-bottomed boats can be hired locally to view the reef.


5.children Shallalleh ( a district of Aqaba).jpg (134558 bytes)
Shallalleh is an area of informal housing on the edge of Amman. This image shows young children greeting our party.

6. camels in pickup.jpg (18343 bytes)
Camels being transported in a pickup along the Desert Highway, the modern link between Aqaba and Amman.

7. camels Wadi Rum.JPG (114084 bytes)
Camels are still an important means of transport in difficult terrain. Here at Wadi Rum they are used for tourist rides.




8. Wadi Rum Village.JPG (145013 bytes)
Rum village. Wadi Rum has some very impressive desert scenery. The sandstone jebels (mountains) dominate the village of Rum with eroded valley floors dating back 50 million years.


9. Wadi Rum rules board.JPG (131792 bytes)
Wadi Rum is a popular tourist destination but there are strict controls. The area is now under the management of the RSCN (Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature).

10. Wadi Rum & jeep.JPG (57908 bytes)
4WD vehicles can be rented to access more remote desert scenery.


11. Wadi Rum tea.JPG (104967 bytes)
Mazied Ateeq (desert guide Wadi Rum ) shows traditional Bedouin hospitality by serving Arabic tea.


12. Wadi Rum Rock arch.JPG (91065 bytes)
An impressive rock arch naturally carved into the landscape of Wadi Rum.

13. Petra Treasury (Al-Khazneh).JPG (132809 bytes)
Petra, the ancient capital of the Nabataeans is an important tourist site. This image of the Treasury (Al-Khazneh), probably the most photographed site in Jordan, was built between 100 BC to 200 AD. The nearby village of Wadi Mousa is expanding its hotel accommodation. The September 11th attacks in New York have greatly reduced the number of overseas tourists travelling to the area.
14. Dana village eco-bus.JPG (134523 bytes)
Dana nature Reserve (320sq km) was taken over by the RSCN (Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature) in 1993. It is in an area of western Jordan where there is a diverse ecosystem of about 600 species of plants, 200 birds and 33 animals. Eco-tourism is being promoted in an attempt to protect locals as well as provide jobs for locals.




15. Dana village building & resident.JPG (106775 bytes)
Dana village is mainly unspoilt. Locals still farm, irrigating fields from nearby streams. Income from tourism has helped the village. Inhabitants make local crafts sold in the Dana Nature Shop.






16. Dana & guide.JPG (136309 bytes)
A guide explains some of the features of the Dana ecosystem. About 40 locals are employed directly or indirectly with income from tourism.



17. Iraqi oil tankers Azraq.jpg (62554 bytes)
Empty road tankers on route back to Iraq. Jordan has a desert boundary with Iraq. Since the cutting of an oil pipeline with Iraq, Jordan buys most of its oil from Iraq through the use of road tankers.


18. Modern Amman.JPG (105017 bytes)
Amman is the capital, situated in northern Jordan. It has grown rapidly from village size to 1.7 million population in the last 100 years. In 1950 it was declared the capital of the Hashemite kingdom. This modern city now sprawls over a large area.
19. Amman B school students.JPG (126521 bytes)
The Amman Baccalaureate School provides high educational standards for Jordan's elite.


20.Geography Jordan.jpg (20450 bytes)In 1994 Jordan and Israel signed a peace treaty which aimed for better economic and security co-operation. However the " Palestinian question " is still contentious in Jordan and here a billboard highlights the issue.



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