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Kind Words.... from you! 

Everyone loves to receive compliments, and we're no different. Here are some of the encouraging and complimentary messages that have been sent to us. Thanks to everyone quoted below ... we really do appreciate it!

What a wonderful site! My 4th grade bilingual students perform poems weekly; they are always related to the subject we are studying. We are studying erosion, water, weathering, earthquakes….etc…….Your site provided our poetry for the next six weeks. Thank you and all your contributors. Bernard McDonnell, FM Gilbert Elementary, Irving, Texas. 
Bernard and his students are using Poetry of Place  and the Geography Poetry Corner

Many thanks for all the amazing work that you do. The Staffordshire website is most inspirational. I work in a small school and don't have the benefit of a team of geographers to share ideas with. Your resources and ideas keep my teaching fresh and current.
Rachel Wright, Ballard School, New Milton, Hampshire

I am writing to say how impressed I am with the site. I am a Head of R.E. in South Wales and was browsing for ideas I could adapt in the R.E. classroom. I’ve been able to get loads from the site. I really liked the Chico Mendes mystery, which I will be adapting to make more of the motivations behind those who live in harmony with the planet, which is a topic on R.E. GCSE syllabuses. Thanks for this excellent site which ahs been added to my favourites! 

Regards, Melissa Davies, Maesydderwen School.

Flood pictures as e-reminder

I work for Good Energy a supplier of only 100% renewable electricity. We have been looking at ways to contact people who have requested an information pack from us but not signed up. One of the ways we would like to contact them is by an e-postcard highlighting how easy it is to help reduce climate change by cutting ones personal CO2 emissions. To do this we researched a flood image and the one that we would very much like to use was on your website

Tor Brook

AfL is important......thanks for the ideas

Many thanks for the great ideas in 'ready to use' format. Hopefully I will get back to you with some of my own. I believe AfL is one of the most important innovations in education and has the power to radically improve what we do with learning. It has always been with us in isolated pockets of our practice and dovetails so well with E.I., multiple intelligences and 'Thinking through..' and the whole thing is like a light bulb being switched on! Why didn't someone switch it on before!!! On reflection they all seem like the pieces of the same jigsaw puzzle. I am in the Cambridgeshire Outreach Network for Education -CONE Network Learning Community and teach at St Neots Community College of Performing Arts and Media Technology.

Lesley Warp www.co-net.co.uk 


Fantastic site by the way - I love the way it has really developed organically...a breath of fresh air! I'm a relative newcomer to SLN but hope I will be able to contribute more in future....as a geographer I think the site is really inspirational.

Mary Fargher, Masters student at the Institute in London


I was inspired by the classroom you had on the website and got to work with mine. The pupils have been involved in the classroom via decorating it. I am not sure how to create a virtual tour but I have plenty of pictures if you are interested !.



I love SLN geography, it is just the BEST thing for serious geographers - that and Geographypages (which is my homepage), is the sort of thing which geography teachers need more of. I actually use them on a daily basis! The only problem is that I still have difficulty in finding teaching resources which can compare in quality and amount to those found in www.schoolhistory.co.uk

Ava Khalfaoui British School, Kuala Lumpur


I am a student at Loreto Kirribilli,  a catholic private girls school on the harbour in Sydney. At lunch time when we sit down we can see the boats on the water.

We are doing a school project on Egypt. I was asking for permission to use the pictures on your websites as part of my project.  It was as it was very helpful. I will try to sent you an electronic copy of my project when I have finished. thanks Bridie Ohlsson 


I have milked your great site of goodies for a long time. Hope this little offering is acceptable.. some animated images of coasts..

I'll try be creative and send more Geo images. Thanks Peter Crawley Head of Humanities at Richard Lander School, Cornwall


I have used the '50 things to do' page with Y9 classes and adapted it for the '50 places to see'. We enjoy the SLN geography website - it is very inspiring - and keeps us northerners up to date with what is going on down south!!  Will look forward to attending your workshop in Birmingham.

Kind regards, Fiona Hart, English Martyrs School, Hartlepool


Guys, you're being brilliant. Thanks to you I think the class are going to have an exciting learning experience about rivers! Thanks again

Lucy Jackson
(A formerly very scared non-geography specialist!!)


I love this site!! It is the first place I go whenever I am looking for something new to try with my students.

Keep up the great work.

Richard E. Katz rekatz@seattleschools.org

Applied Geography Teacher, Eighth Grade, Social Studies Department Chair, Washington Middle School, 2101 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA USA 

Dominoes - matching needs and wants

I know that I, and many other people, have said this before, but I've just been prompted to re-iterate what a fantastic site this is!!! I came along to get a copy of the coastal erosion mystery that I used last year on TP but stupidly didn't keep a copy of, and came across a brand new odd one out for coasts, "dominoes" for Bangladesh flooding, and mystery for Brazil - all of which will be useful in the next week and a half - as well as a number of other new resources that I will be able to use over the coming weeks/months. Makes me feel very guilty that I have contributed so little so far!! Thank you to all those who are providing resources - they are GREATLY appreciated!!!

Victoria Ellis Swanwick Hall School, Derbyshire

I am a regular visitor to your SLN Geography site and think it is excellent. It was through this that I saw the idea of using dominoes as a starter. http://www.sln.org.uk/geography/thinking_through_geography.htm

Helen Roberts

Advent calender linkSLN@Dundee.Scotland

I have been a silent observer of the SLN website for some time and just love it! I have spread the word to many colleagues in other schools and I know they are likewise impressed. On behalf of my pupils, many thanks for the advent calendar - we followed it every day. As you will see, I hail from the presently frozen north. I have strong contacts with the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers but am enjoying ' eavesdropping' on the activities of some of you geographers south of the border. The networking is quite stimulating. The online forum makes a welcome change from the staff room gossip and was my first venture into making contact- I have been supplying Ian Murray with photos for his new website and enjoying some stimulating email discussion on the renaissance of photographs in the teaching of Geography , courtesy of the ICT revolution.

 Val Vannet, Head of Geography at the High School of Dundee.


I am a geography teacher and discovered the game "Who killed Chico Mendez?" on your site. I am working on a work book for my pupils where a chapter study the Amazonian forest. Is it possible to use the same idea, translated in French. Thank you, your site is great.

Jean-Claude Larouche, Québec, Canada.

Hurricanes and mysteries

As always the SLN website has given us a lot to think about. The Hurricanes web enquiry proved very valuable for our Year 13s. We have also tried out some of the mysteries which have really challenged our most able students.

Jo Brake, Finham Park School

7-11 weblinks ideal

Thanks for this support, we spent 90 minutes on the website and found some really supportive stuff. Keep up the good work

Richard West, Penkridge Middle School, Staffordshire.


I was most impressed by your Macromedia program on why erratics can be found in Cannock.

Ian Grant, Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi in Ynys Mon

Advent calendar was a real hit

I enjoy the SLN geography site very much my classes liked the advent calendar.

Allyson Taylor, Slough Grammar School


I would like to congratulate you and the team for an excellent website which I use regularly. I've attached a word mat which you are free to use if it is helpful. Thanks,

Alison Bowers Le Bocage International School Mauritius

Thinking and thanks

Thanks to all who contribute to SLN Geography pages for their inspiration. John has contributed a new thinking skills exercise on trade.

John Lewis, Padgate High School, Warrington

A very large thank you
I used to work at King Eddies - Newport Road, Stafford. Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks. I am now teaching at the International School of Milan - Middle school, and am still finding your web pages (QLS SLN) really helpful. My pupils are 95% Italian, a
nd they are really impressed by the work from British children displayed on your site. Thank You again

Emma Griffiths

SLNgeography@UK - Floods by appointment

I work for the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead and have been tasked with putting together a pamphlet on "What to do in floods?". I would like to include some non specific photographs of flooding in the pamphlet Bizarrely in spite of the extensive flooding in our area earlier this year most of us were so wrapped up with dealing with the incident, we didn't bother taking any photographs.

Eric Livingstone

Ed Note - I love this story! But it is really heartening that we are of use and also that Eric is doing what he should be looking after the people of Maidenhead

SLN in Gloucestershire - advice and support is vital to teachers

I am an AST based at the Beaufort School in Gloucester. As part of my AST role, I decided to support all the Gloucestershire schools by starting up a network support group. We run termly meetings which are very well attended (we had one on assessment last night, attended by 23) but I also provide support via e mail - I simply mail out worksheets, ideas, web sites, schemes of work, either of my own, or those that are contributed by the group. 

In terms of your web site - this just has to be the best Geography website that is accessible to teachers at the moment There is everything there that we Geographers need, and this was underlined by an e mail I received today from the FS adviser in Gloucester, who says that he uses the site on loads of occasions. I use all areas as much as each other, and when I have a few spare moments, I simply trawl through the various links. At the moment, I am more interested in the creativity pages - I like to think that I can keep abreast of the ideas at the forefront of teaching, but at the same time I like variety. So I'm always on the lookout for the unusual. I also constantly look for good images, so this is a favoured link.

I don't know if you get many e mails like this, but really, a big thank you to simply providing a user friendly and very valuable web site. 

Paul Bartlett, Gloucestershire

Editors note - If you have one, look after your local adviser because they need TLC - many have an impossible task to do general as well a special. It is only because Staffordshire are committed to expertise that we are able to provide this service. Thanks Paul 

Great BIG concepts

I am writing to say a thank you to Johanna Hazel for her great Geography big concepts level diagrams. I am the FS consultant for Gloucestershire and have pointed many people in the direction of the site. I was a Head of Geography before and actually remember you coming to speak at Sheffield University about 7 years ago whilst I was training with Margaret Roberts. Small world.

Steve Brady, FS consultant for Gloucestershire

Many thanks for a  superb resource

David Wailes, Head of Humanities, Moorside High School, Salford

A great website and resources.

Kevin Wells, Geography Teacher, Broxboune School, Herts.

Another Fergal the frog fan!

We have been using the River Trent website in Year Six. The children enjoyed using the site and gained a lot from it.

Miss Catherine Dear, Stanburn Middle School, Stanmore. Middlesex

SLN@theworld 2 - Penny Laver New South Wales, Australia

I am a calligrapher and have been looking for a poem on drought to use as a calligraphic piece. On searching the Internet I found just what I was looking for in your Geography section, a verse titled "Drought" from "Newcastle Community High School". Read it here

SLN@theworld - A Californian anti Iraq war

Bob Jones photograph of oil tankers in Jordan, has been used for a lecture in California about oil in the Gulf and Iraq in particular. SLN Geography reaches parts of the world others don't reach!! See the image here.

Ian Dixson, High Arcal School, Dudley  wrote:

First response to on-line questionnaire received today - from an ex pupil now teaching geography in The Netherlands!  SLN reaches the parts other websites fail to reach!

Dr Rachael Peryer Cromwell Community College Wenney Road Chatteris Cambs PE16 6UU

I have recently used the globalisation of Chelsea football club exercise with Year 9 and they responded very well! 

At last I am glad to be able to contribute to your website which I use quite a lot even though I am a Cambs not Staffs teacher!

John Ditchburn Head of Geography Guilsborough School West Haddon Rd. Guilsborough Northants NN6 8QE

I have been impressed with development of particularly the Geography branch of SLN, and the resources it contains.

Thought you might like to have a look at our little effort. I've mentioned it to Sue Warn who thinks it's a sensible approach.


From Catherine Close talking about our on-line ICT training

Thanks for the email and the complimentary remarks on the web site. I only wish it were true! But I still intend to carry on working through and my confidence has built enormously. I have led 10 IT lessons in the last 10 days and I wouldn't have done that three months ago! I

Further information and a sample at: http://www.soc.staffs.ac.uk/~cmteh/newgeogcontent.html 

From Johanna Hazell, Head of Geography, St Bartholomew's School, Newbury

As a new Head of Geography, I attended a conference for Heads of Geography last week. I was shown your web-site for the first time- a fantastic resource! I have really enjoying looking through the different and creative ideas and being inspired, even in the final days of term! I was impressed too by the work Jon Clarke presented at the conference on describing and explaining, both concepts my students struggle with and ideas I can hopefully use.

From John Hamshaw, Thomas Silverdale School, Sheffield

 I have not had a chance to look at the SLN site for about 6 months- but again I am inspired by the ideas & contributions! It seems to me that we could do with a period of non-contact time every week just to look on the net to see what might be of some help to us!

From Chris Spurr, Norwich High School for Girls

I am very impressed with the whole site - Staffordshire is obviously the LEA to work for!

From Jon and Rosie from www.geomatics.org.uk  

We were invited by Chris Durbin of Staffordshire Learning Net to speak to a group of geography teachers attending a training day. It was a chance for the teachers to get their hands on the resource kits and also register for the website. It was great to meet such enthusiastic teachers!

Across La Manche!

I registered today on SLN  geography, though I have told my French colleagues about the very good job you do. May I suggest you a look at Chronique internet.
Hope we may meet some day and that you find something useful.
Daniel Letouzey
Lycée Marie Curie 
14500 Vire (Normandie)
Chronique Internet et Revue Historiens et Géographes

Greetings from Central Canada - just a brief note to let You know that here, now, in August 2002, this goin' on 70 year-old cyberjunky is benefiting from Your WOW project.
For example, connected to your project through page http://www.sln.org.uk/wow/Europe/Spain/439.htm  and the photo Sun, Sand and Sea by Victoria from Painsley R.C. High School, Cheadle when, after an email communication from a "yet to meet" cousin who lives year-round in Sleaford, Lincolnshire but who is currently holidaying in Portinax, Ibiza. Wanting to know a bit about his location, I dropped "Portinax Ibiza" into the search utility of my Netscape connection only to be gifted by:.. eleventh among an apparent 139 others (1-15 of 140) - most of which appeared to be commercial connections. It may need not be said but please know how delighted I was to be able to visit Portinax Ibiza through the eyes and insight of Victoria.
That gave me many further reasons to recognize how very fortunate we are today, to be connected to the world courtesy of the efforts of those who develop these magnificent tools, and those like You, who make so very effective use of them to spread your teachings and a motivation to learn. 
One of those further reasons for my enthusiasm today is related to the fact that on September 9, 2002, less than 2 weeks from now, my bride Helen, son Blair and myself are departing Central Canada on a first trip to the UK. We plan to spend most of our time visiting several locations on The Isle of Man where we are able to trace the lives of nine generations preceding that of my Dad, who was born in Llandrillo yn Rhos, Colwyn Bay, North Wales, in 1899, and having been prompted to visit more of the "Window on the World" site, I was to discover a photo taken in Conwy, North Walesby Mark Heath from St. Edward’s Middle School, Leek and another in Llandudno, North Wales by Clare Harvey, also from St. Edward’s Middle School, Leek. Such a serendipitous surf in search initially for a little information on Portinax, Ibiza !
See - You never know who's going to benefit from Your efforts.
Gerry Kissack Winnipeg, MB., Canada


I am an Applied European Languages graduate from Kingston University, and spent 6 months at Leipzig University in 1966. My dissertation for my degree was on the lignite mines in Sudraum Leipzig, and the destruction of Heuersdorf. I spent many days in the area of the Braunkohl hell.
It is unbelievable that in this day and age this ghastly monster can exist. On the News at 6 this evening there was a short item on the destruction of Horno. Lets hope it is not too little too late.
From your web site your connections with Saxony are very positive. Keep up the good work
Camilla Allison

Re SIfT Thanks for such a brilliant INSET day on every level.
From the lift in the morning to the taxi organised in the afternoon, not to 
mention the first class materials and delivery that you provided!
The course is exactly what I have been looking for. I think the quality of 
product on offer coupled with the support/advice provided is exceptional.
I will convey these comments/opinions to everyone I meet in 
Geography/Geology/ICT fields. First class in every respect.

Well done.
Kindest regards Ian Kenyon, Truro

Have just been on the Geography SLN site and regret not having the time to look at it more regularly and spend time thinking about  geography. Your site is truly inspirational and I have enjoyed seeing it develop over recent years. I'm only sorry I can't contribute more though I was disappointed to find no witty reports comments on the forum. Where's the fun in life! 

I must say that one of the most enjoyable events of the year was your KS3 Conference which was informative and inspirational. Well done again.

Richard West, Penkridge Middle School. 

In my current role as a NOF tutor for primary schools, I find the Geography section of the Staffordshire Learning Net a reliable resource. When working on using the Internet this site is a safe example to explore. The mixture of contributions from children and links to other sites make an interesting site to demonstrate. It is reassuring to know that whenever I log on, in front of a large group of teachers, I will see what I always see, the opening menu.

Because of my personal interest in the weather, and because I have a large input into this part of the site, I enjoy showing them the Staffordshire Schools Weather Data Site. It is good for the basic training teachers need in using hyperlinks, viewing a variety of types of pages and seeing simple animations. I hope that the teachers I train make a note of this site and use it themselves.

Alan Rodgers, NOF tutor.

As a primary classroom teacher the SLN geography website has given my pupils an opportunity to contribute to web based material which can be seen all over the world. My classes over the last few years have enjoyed helping out with the Advent Calendar, thinking about what geography means to them and searching for suitable contributions. They also enjoyed working on the You Speak We'll Listen project. That really bought home to them how they can now communicate easily with other countries through e-mail.

In the role of Geography co-ordinator the SLN site has often given me inspiration to build ideas into Geography Action Week. Projects such as Window on the World enabled me to involve many of the adults in the school. When they contributed pictures and commentary they felt as though they had achieved something memorable. The SLN Geography pages also keep me in touch with national and international events. Posting link to events such as the Even Bigger Breakfast which was an exciting and informative event I later used as the main part of my school's Harvest Festival.

I hope that I will continue to be able to make use of contacts, links and activities from this web site.

Angella Streluk, Amington Heath Primary School, Tamworth

I have downloaded examples of work from your site that I have used with teachers at my school to help assess work, but also found useful information about the role of co-ordinator. The links to other websites were brilliant, and gave me relevant information. It was SO comforting to find someone who knew what they were talking about when I first became geography co-ordinator. Yours is the best site in the country.

Jennifer Rackstraw, Geography co-ordinator,  Taxal and Fernilee Primary School, Whaley Bridge, High Peak, Derbyshire.

The SLN Geography Web site is an invaluable and priceless resource for Staffordshire teachers. It is a great help in finding resources, keeping us up to date with all the new developments and keeping us in touch with what is happening in Geography. I have used it for over three years and whenever I am struggling for ideas, I can get inspiration or problems solved by consulting SLN Geography Web page. Sometimes we might take it a bit for granted but the more you talk to people from outside the county, the more you realise what a valuable resource Chris and Kate have created. I only wish I had more time to contribute to it.

Alan Brown, Blythe Bridge High School. See their geography website here

I would like to say thanks for the excellent resources the SLN geography site has made available for schools to use.  Keep up the good work.

Melanie Richards (Head of Geography), St Ursula's Convent School, Greenwich, SE10 8HN. Melanie has sent the new mystery Who killed Chico Mendez

Many thanks for all the work you have put into your website - it has provided us with hours of interesting surfing today - no doubt the fruits of many hundreds of hours on your own time.

Although we are not working within the GCSE framework - we are able to experience many overlapping interests.

You may wish to add a link to our growing site at:

We're much impressed by your SLN website for geography - it really is excellent.  Congratulations for getting it so up and running!  We're beginning to wonder if we could do something similar but with a more limited objective to start with - e.g a collection of photos from around Somerset, resources and so on.  Some of us will be meeting in the summer term to discuss possibilities and maybe you could help us think through it

Sam Woodhouse, Associate Adviser for Geography, Somerset 

Thanks to Gary Dawson for his work on the literacy statement and exemplars. We have made use of them on our training day today. They provided a very valuable starting point for our department and made the day much more productive than it otherwise might have been! Hopefully we will be able to contribute some ideas of our own to the site in the near future.Many thanks again for the great web site, 

Di Green, Rushey Mead School Leicester

Thanks to SIFT Geography

Thank you for the letter to school and the e-mail spatial odyssey. May I too wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year. We at Holy Cross in Chorley, Lancashire have made great progress in our ICT work in our lessons and have pooled good ideas and research following our work and follow up from our SIfT Training. In particular I have been impressed by the contact and communications since our visit both written and online. Only this week we have been reassessed by Investors in People awards and their report outlines most favourably the great strides made in ICT across the departments work since our initial NOF SIfT training. We look forward to further contact with you and in conclusion must say I have enjoyed your Advent calendar. However I do feel the Masai Mara website is going to cost me after my wife gained access to its paintings recently!

Best wishes 'coling.walsh@ukgateway.net

I think the SLN geography site is developing well - the whole team must be proud. Pass on our thanks to all concerned!

Steve Telfer,  Geography Adviser, West Sussex

I think the website is great, its saved me a lot of time and given me some useful teaching ideas. It would be useful to have a section on classroom activities and lesson planning. Where teachers could pool resources (worksheets etc) and share innovative ideas. As a student teacher I would greatly benefit from such a site. I will continue to recommend this site to friends and colleagues.

Sean Spurgin,  PGCE student, studying at Birmingham University

Congratulations, Chris and Kate, for providing an award winning site open to all geographers. The site is top of the list for my B.Ed and PGCE students, primary school co-ordinators - and of course correspondents on the Primary Research Register. Thank you for so kindly hosting information, as well as providing inspiration, for teachers wishing to raise achievement across the curriculum. Nowhere else is there advice/information ranging from OS digital map supply through photographs local and world wide to exemplars and advice for co-ordinators and done with fun!.

Rachel Bowles, Associate Senior Lecturer, School of Education, University of Greenwich

Thanks to all. Your web work is developing brilliantly. I love the erratic animation!  Needless to say I always advertise you and your work in any Internet sessions I do.

Sheila King, Institute of Education, London

Back in October I posted a request for help with large scale resources for a Y7 visually impaired pupil. Published resources proved unhelpful, however the Kingston Centre have solved the problem. By them copying pages/resources and enlarging to A3 and me then laminating these for durability, this pupil is now able to participate much more in Geography. Her initial reaction on seeing these resources was "Wow!" Thanks to all at Kingston, and hopefully there will be other pupils who can be helped in this way!

Bev Langton, King Edward VI High School, Stafford

(Thanks to Annette Davies and Sheila Davey for their work on this)

I have to say that I am a great fan of the Staffordshire Geography teachers website that you run with Kate and it is a model that other authorities would do well to look at. The site always has a fresh look to it, full of lots of new ideas and obviously provides excellent support within Staffordshire. I know the area reasonably well as my wife's family come from Stoke-on-Trent.
Best wishes
David Rayner, Editor of GeoResources

I am an ArcView ArcExplorer user in a Nottinghamshire school.  I am happy to provide advice to potential users or exchange data with existing users.  I am very impressed with your SLN site, well done.  

Stephen Walker   e-mail via swr@holgate.notts.sch.uk

Presentation of the GA Gold Award for SLN Geography at Birmingham University by Professor Michael Bradford, President of the Geographical Association.

I go into your Staffordshire site regularly and would like to compliment Chris and Kate for what is an excellent website.

Simon Asquith, Liverpool Hope University College

Yet again your site came up trumps, I followed through one of your articles regarding digital maps, this put me in contact with my county liaison officer, who is now sending me the complete Landranger series for Dorset and the Land tiles. 


We have seen your window on the world WOW website. We found it very interesting and good for our Education. One of the pictures from your website was from Disney world Florida. Kayleigh has been there and noticed it.

Best wishes Emma and Kayleigh, Amington Heath Primary School

I have already used the River Trent site. It is excellent!

Kathleen Keating ICT co-ordinator at St. Mary's RC Middle School, Grange Road, Northampton

Having only recently connected to the internet, I am just discovering things and I am really impressed with the Geography website. I think the River Trent pages are great and hope to be able to use them with my year 6s in the Spring Term.

Sue Coley, Geography co-ordinator, Christ Church Primary School, Lichfield

Hearty and belated congratulations to Kate and Chris for achieving your marvellous award - you deserve it so much and a lot of children around the country are being taught better Geography as a result! 
Best wishes Caroline Mathews

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