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Nanga Sumpa Lodge and Longhouse and the Iban people

The Nanga Sumpa longhouse is home to 30 families of the Iban tribe. We travelled up the river Batang Ai; there are two wooden buildings, separated by a wooden bridge over a small stream. 

Iban longboats 019.jpg (704538 bytes)

Speeding in the Iban longboats across the lake, the banks covered in dense forest, was like a journey into the unknown - what was round the corner? (RW and RGJ)

Nanga Sumpa lodge.JPG (850354 bytes)

The lodge at Nanga Sumpa is built along the same principles as the longhouse, although it is in a square, built around an open area with large tree in the middle (CC)

Iban fisherman 131.jpg (475629 bytes)

Iban tribesman fishing from his longboat. (RW and RGJ)

Iban farmer.jpg (67740 bytes)

"Rambo" (we were never sure that this was his real name!) is an Iban farmer who showed us how they survive from the forest (CS)

River crossing 014.jpg (1024264 bytes)

River crossing at Nanga Sumpa as Rives and Rambo led us to the farming areas. (RW and RGJ)

Getting latex.JPG (904345 bytes)Latex from rubber tree.JPG (866762 bytes)

rubber.jpg (67159 bytes)Rubber tree  263.jpg (2230383 bytes)

Having seen it countless times in text books, it was wonderful to see latex being tapped from a rubber tree. (RW, RGJ, CC and CS) 

Fruit from the palm.JPG (886411 bytes)

Scooping out flesh from the palm for us to try (CC)

Shifting cultivation 266.jpg (2492863 bytes)

Rives explained the process of shifting cultivation. Here tapioca and dry rice are being grown. (RW and RGJ) 

Newly wed!.jpg (67334 bytes)

A newly wed girl; she was helping her husband gather leaves from the forest. (CS)

fishing.jpg (64470 bytes)

During our walk in the forest, our guide showed us some of the ways in which the Iban people use the forest for their sustenance. This is one method of fishing in the small stream. Why is the fishing net pointing down stream? (CS)

Farmers hut.JPG (924589 bytes)

One of the small huts in a forest clearing, used by the farmers to store goods (CC)

Collecting bamboo.JPG (879862 bytes)

Gathering bamboo at the side of a stream (CC)

Malaysian Barby 120.jpg (781836 bytes)Cooking the meal.JPG (867703 bytes)

Put another bamboo stick on the barby! Cooking jungle style, fresh meat and bamboo stuffed with rice and vegetables. (RW and RGJ and CC) 

Iban ladies preparing lunch.JPG (709146 bytes)lunch!.jpg (43121 bytes)

Lunch! This tasty array is the result of finds in the forest; carefully prepared by the Iban ladies. (CC and CS)

Small river near Nanga Sumpa.JPG (886189 bytes)

Small tributary of Batang Ai river, near Nanga Sumpa (CC)

Longhouse settlement.jpg (61411 bytes)

A longhouse settlement as seen from the river. This is quite a modern one. (CS)

Hanging out the washing.JPG (862490 bytes)

Hanging out the washing! Clothes do not take long to dry in the heat (unless it rains of course!) (CC)

Leading to longhouse.jpg (74945 bytes)

Steps leading to the longhouse; they are carved into the trunk of a tree; quite perilous climbing these, especially in the dark and wet! (CS)

Interior of longhouse.jpg (52683 bytes)

The interior of the village chairman's house; note the 3 piece suite, family photos on the wall, Christmas decorations, and hi fi system. (CS)

Iban girl making mats.jpg (44059 bytes)

An Iban girl making mats which will be used for sitting on; they might also be sold to tourists. (CS)

Iban family.jpg (40084 bytes)

An Iban family at the door of their home. (CS)

Iban dancer 3.jpg (54395 bytes)Iban dancer 2.jpg (46011 bytes)

Iban dancer female.jpg (44839 bytes)Iban dancers.jpg (56703 bytes)

The Iban people entertained us with their traditional dances; they invited us to join in too! (CS)
Waterfall 2.JPG (1118906 bytes)Waterfall.JPG (754026 bytes) A longboat trip upstream from the longhouse was very eventful; we were rewarded with this waterfall and plunge pool which make a great swimming pool for the group! (CC)

A good night's sleep  134.jpg (631407 bytes)Mosquito nets.JPG (805065 bytes)

Mosquito net, mattress, what more do you need for a good night's sleep? Morning alarm call from the cockerel too! (RW and RGJ)
Timber being seasoned.JPG (837592 bytes)Timber for new longhouse.JPG (928346 bytes) The longhouse was about 26 years old and has reached the end of its life and is not large enough for all the families. They are busy preparing timber to build the new longhouse. (CC)
Palm tree.JPG (1467357 bytes)Palm kernel.JPG (887734 bytes) A palm kernel from the palm tree; although once a very important cash crop, is declining now although there are still many plantations throughout Malaysia. The oil from the palm kernel is used in make products such as soap and shampoo. (CC_

Thanks to Discover the Living Planet and Borneo Adventure for their splendid organisation and a great trip.

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