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Poetry of Place

A million dreaming degrees beyond the equator

Ever thought of using poetry in your geography teaching. It adds a little spice! Poetry is particularly good at:

  • developing a sense of place - through descriptive vocabulary of sights, sounds, smells and even tastes
  • relating the emotions of experiences
  • relaying polemic opinions about issues
  • illustrate in words, geographical shapes and patterns

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Step into Cheshire

Cheshire CatAny Poem that begins with the line 'Even a map of the place pulls you in' has got to have merit. It made me think about a competition where pupils take a map of anywhere and create a poem from what they see.

Have a look at the Cheshire's Poet Laureate's poem about the Cheshire landscape.  Even if this is not your place, why not use it as a stimulus. Draw a map from a poem or write a poem from a map.

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Getting young people to create poems is  stimulating too.  So we have created a web place to be a poet! We want more examples please

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