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People, population and migration

Why can't Xiao Ming find a girlfriend?
Thanks to Paul Williams for this new mystery on China's One Child Policy
Mexico to USA migration are from Malcolm Kennedy, Sacred Heart Catholic College, near Liverpool. 
Migration mystery presentation 
Mystery cards
Pupil task sheet
This is a migration mystery focus on Mezzogiorno, Italy, from Jennie Denton, from Whalley Range High School, Manchester.
Angelino mystery and  Angelino mystery cards

A PowerPoint to go with the Angelino Mystery by Guhinder GrewalDeansfield High School, Wolverhampton
Urbanisation in India Living Graph
Can your students interpret a population pyramid? Jennie Denton, Whalley Range High School, Manchester, shares this living graph based on urbanisation in Kolkata with us. Ask the students to put the labels in the correct place on the graph.
China's one child policy This worksheet uses "In which are you most likely to find." activity and a living graph activity based on China´s birth/ death rates based on a very clever population graph animation website Mark Barling Head of Humanities Sotogrande International School, Spain. I also found this lesson plan when looking for something else!

Don't forget the Web Enquiries China's One Child Policy - is it working? is it fair? is it absolute? for GCSE and Can China feed itself for A level elsewhere on this site

Two activities written to accompany the AQA syllabus A unit on Population.

Why is Mai Ling an unhappy child?  This mystery examines the Consequences of China's population policy Mystery statements here

Aging Populations A living graph comparing youthful and aging populations and a classification exercise of the social, political and economic consequences of an aging population, which could form the basis of 2 lessons. All the materials are here Thanks to Malcolm Marshall, Huntcliff School  and  Bob Downes, Baysgarth School, both North Lincs. 

Population Taboo for AS level, from Andy Pinks at Caterham School. This has gone down really well with Andy's class! Taboo cards here

Where in the world? A visual Where in the world on migration Andy Pinks (Geography teacher at Caterham School in Surrey)
Who killed Chico Mendez?
Melanie Richards from St Ursula's Convent School, Greenwich, one of the KS3 TLF pilot schools has sent us this mystery, based on the real case of the murder of Chico Mendez in 1988. 

And now it has been translated into French by a French-Canadian teacher Jean-Claude Larouche from Commission Scolaire de Montréal.  Proof positive that SLN is globalising... Thanks to all concerned.

Marie Hart, Head of Humanities and Geography and an AST at Barnwell School in Stevenage, has used the Chico Mendez resources above with Y9 and has gone one step further by turning the activity into a trial to establish the identity of the murderer and then to create an extended writing activity using a differentiated writing frame as follow up. There are level criteria for 3 bands. Marie shares her work here.

Marie's Commentary on the activity
Trial task sheet
Trial role sheet
Documentary task sheet
Level criteria for R(top) W( middle) T( lower )
Writing frame for R

Level criteria for R
Writing frame for W
Level criteria for W
Writing frame for T
Level criteria for T
Photo from the trial

Odd one out Population Alison Bowers, Le Bocage International School, Mauritius 
Decision Time for Guiseppe Cosanostro
Paul Thompson from Ounsdale High School has adapted the Annie Schmit activity to be used with a unit on north/south divide in Italy. 
Should Annie Schmit leave Windy Creek?
This activity requires pupils to consider the reasons why a young woman might be tempted to leave her small home town in the US for a new life in the city. Pupils are asked to consider whether Annie should leave leading on to the bigger question of rural migration. This activity was created by the Newcastle Thinking Through Geography Team led by David Leat.
Gary Dawson from Fair Oak High School has created the mystery Why is Jeff Ridges (from Phoenix) annoyed that his water bill has gone up again’ is in a unit of work on population and is used as an example of the causes and effects of migration. Before undertaking the mystery students are encouraged to rise to the challenge of this demanding task and reminded of the importance of co-operative group work. 
Why might Mr Jones emigrate to Canada? 
Chris Marchant, head of humanities at Benjamin Britten High School, Lowestoft has offered this dilemma for Mr Jones a Welsh farmer, who is thinking of migrating to Canada.  Will he or won't he? He has used it with 6th form as part of a unit on migration. The stimulus was  an article in the Times on a farmer who was selling his farm in Wales and moving to Canada (about a year ago).
Brazil Stay or Go?
Margarita is a 28 year old living in NE Brazil. Can you help her make an important decision? Richard Allen, Weston Road High School, Stafford 

Margarita mystery instructions
Margarita mystery cards 
Lisa Tannock's Brazil Population Pyramid Living Graph based on a population pyramid of Brazil that she used with Year 8. She originally had the population pyramid on  interactive whiteboard and pupils had to come and suggest where they would place the statements, having to give reasons relating back to birth rate/life expectancy etc. (Sad middle aged teachers will recognise the old video references to Mauro and his family!)
Why is Hans Lufer planning to go back to Schlema?
This mystery has been created by Dennis Vickers  from Alleynes High School in Stone using a case study from the former Eastern Germany. Pupils sort the cards to solve the mystery. For further information on Schlema please visit our Saxony site.


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