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POST 16 Geography

What is on this site is partly up to you

Have you prepared anything that is worth sharing? So far there are these people who have come out of the closet. 

Staffordshire Edexcel A level network

Details of the next A level network can be found on the Booking System here

The EdExcel website has a lot of support material.
Ask the Expert service - email contact with subject specific advice and support.
Results Plus for analysis of student performance.
Are you registered to receive e-mail updates from EdExcel?

Good resources on NGFL Cymru for AS and A2; thanks to Cindy Benson for this!
Settlement Change in MEDCs

Investigating Climate Change
Investigating Population Change

Have you seen the EdExcel Ning? This is created and maintained by Alan Parkinson. Thank you Alan!

It is worth having a look at the North Staffs GA Branch page elsewhere on this site, presentations from past lectures are posted there; the latest is Emerging World Cities by Allan Watson. Resources

Matt Smith, The Woodlands School and Sports College, Coventry sent a Powerpoint as a useful introduction for Year 13 students studying Sustainable Cities.  They follow the WJEC syllabus but I am sure it could be used for the other boards too.

Gayle Cullen at Felpham School has created two sets of Taboo cards for AS, Risky World and Rebranding Places.

At a recent meeting the following were recommended:-

The Atlas of Water, mapping the world's most critical resource by Maggie Black and Janet King, Earthscan

The Atlas of Climate Change, mapping the world's greatest challenge, by Kirsten Dow and Thomas Downing, Earthscan

The Atlas of Food, who eats what, where and why, by Erik Millstone and Tim Lang, Earthscan

The Atlas of Health, mapping the challenges and causes of disease, by Diarmuid O'Donovan, Earthscan

Access to Geography series, Hodder and Stoughton. Titles include  Arid and Semi Arid Environments by Michael Hill  Full list here

Farming, Food and Famine by Michael Witherick, Nelson Thornes, EPICS

80: 20 Development in an Unequal World, Colm Regan, available from TIDEC details here

Philip Allen Updates Edexcel details and sample pages here

Jayne Whaley recommends Carbon Based sea level rise for Crowded Coasts.

At recent meetings Sue Warn has recommended the following:-

Development Works, a booklet from DfID which can be ordered through their website.

Farm Africa website

Shoreline Management Plans from Defra

Cities and Urbanisation, Michael Witherick and Kim Adams, Philip Allan updates, 2006

Health and Inequality, Sarah Curtis, 2004, Sage publications, (available from Amazon)

Fair Trade for all: How Trade can promote Development; Joseph Stiglitz and Andrew Charlton, Oxford University Press (available from Amazon here)

Crossroads for Planet Earth, Scientific American £3.95 (available from high street bookshops)

Rural Geography, Michael Woods

Revise AS and A2 geography - Heinemann

Global Issues, Global Environment, Changing Environment, edited by Andrew Blowers Open University (for teachers not students!)

USA Today

There is also GeoCases - a subscription service from Hodder Murray

newsite.gif (147 bytes)Statistical test card sort

Rachael Peryer, Cromwell Community College, Cambridgeshire, designed this to help her A level students get to grips with Chi square, Mann Whitney U and Spearmanís Rank. All of the cards are cut up and muddled together. Students then have to sort them into three piles (one for each test).  Each pile is then sorted into order to reflect the following:

  • What the test is for and general information

  • How to do the test

  • What the test results means etc.

Rachel says "It was a real challenge but it really got my students thinking!  Iím hoping it will help them to understand the tests better but also to be able to answer questions likeí show how you would use Mann Whitney U to investigate x y zí etc. I used it as a summary at the end of a unit but will also use it for revision." Statistical test card sort

newsite.gif (147 bytes)Fran Martin, Lydia Williams and Rob Cooper from The Jews Free School, Brent have prepared the following resources for students to work with relating to unit 6 of Edexcel B A2. Antarctica Resources

newsite.gif (147 bytes)Nottingham Case Studies

Anne Logie, Ockbrook School, Derby, has two presentations about issues in Nottingham; Waste Management and Transport.

newsite.gif (147 bytes)Have I got geography news for you?

This Have I got New for You PowerPoint is an example used with A level students to try to get them to look out for news stories relating to Geography Ė a good lesson starter/end? Steve Dann, Head of Geography, Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge

AQA Spec A revision checklists

These checklists may be useful for students following this syllabus (for the physical geography AS and A2 courses) to help them with revision. 

AS Physical Geography
A2 Physical Geography 1       A2 Physical Geography 2

Liz Close, Ravensbourne School, Bromley, Kent.

newsite.gif (147 bytes)Hazards (some relate to Asian Tsunami)

Andrew Boardman from JFS, Brent, has sent these resources to help students with essays and revision

Initial thoughts about Asian Tsunami               Key themes
Possible essay titles                                     Practice essay
Revision tables

General Studies  with a geography theme

Bob Jones at Alleyne's High School, Stone has offered these PowerPoint presentations.

Socio economic trends globally




UK Social and Environmental Issues

Part I Health Problems in Britain 1.3Mb

Part II Traffic in Britain 2.8Mb

Part III Countryside Conflicts 4.1Mb

Fieldwork Ideas

Developing AS level fieldwork from Cannock Chase High School

Urban regeneration in Stoke on Trent - Ian Mutter Biddulph High School

Not forgetting the Fieldwork abroad from Blythe Bridge and Leek High Schools


This page last updated 03 April 2012