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Geographical Research

This page is for all those who are undertaking research into geographical education at whatever level. Don't be shy - we'd love to share your research here. 

Best Practice Research
Elsewhere on this site are the findings of a group of Staffordshire teachers who have been working on a BPRS project with Chris Durbin and Peter Davies on How to get better at writing. See their work here
Register of Primary Research

Set up be Rachel Bowles, the Register is now maintained by
Julia Tanner juliatanner@live.co.uk The GA hosts the findings on the GA website This includes all the research articles published in the Occasional papers as well as guidance for starting research.

A helpful list of publications and websites can be found here ( see attached file) on a wide range of themes to help those involved in research geographical education.

Geography Discipline Network
Guides to Good Teaching, Learning and Assessment Practices in Geography Follow the link to see the summaries
BECTa ICT research
Becta's What the Research Says series aims to give an initial idea of the available research evidence on aspects of using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in schools and colleges. It is designed primarily for teachers, ICT co-ordinators and school managers. The new geography one can be found at http://www.becta.org.uk/corporate/publications/documents/Research22_Geography.pdf 

Geography and ICT
Kate Russell's MA dissertation was "An Investigation into the Nature and Impact of Government Strategies for ICT on Geography Teaching in Secondary Schools", written in 2001.
Chapter 1
(Introduction)              Chapter 2 (Literature review)         
Chapter 3
(Methodology)             Chapter 4  (Findings) 
Chapter 5  (Recommendations)    Chapter 6  (Conclusions)       Appendices                                Bibliography 
Questionnaire 1                          Questionnaire 2
"The Grid"                                  


This page last updated 30 March 2012