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Role Plays - if you do one - we will have lots! 

This page is about the development of resources which:


encourage development of young peoples' literacy


are creative in the use of role plays in teaching


encourage better questioning and participation

Please send them to: kate.russell@staffordshire.gov.uk

Your work might appear here?

When have you been creative?  Have your work celebrated.  Please send it to kate.russell@staffordshire.gov.uk 

The Future of Antarctica

Thanks to Sue Sturman for this Role Play debate on the future of Antarctica using a mystery, the web, video material and a role play

1.1 Mystery  1.2 Wordmat  1.3 Cards

1.1 Food chains  2.2 Creatures  2.3 Key words

3.1 Research

4.1 Debate  4.2 Roles  4.3 Role details  4.4 Template

National Park Conflicts

Jo Brake and Rachael Close, Finham Park, Coventry have offered a lesson where they use the 'jigsaw' technique of improving pupils responses. Set in a National Park Village. Download all nine documents...sorry they are separate but they are different styles.

Lesson outline Response sheet Image to set scene Writing Frame

The Roles - Ornithologist   Farmer 1   Farmer 2   Pub Landlord  Villager   National Park Ranger

Mary Biddulph and Gaynor Bright's Dramatically Good Geography is an outstanding contribution to geographical education. I confess a pet hate, wooden role plays with pupils reading from cards. 

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