Animations - Plate Tectonics

How Rift Valleys are produced and how they turn into Constructive Plate Boundaries

Convection Currents and how they move in the mantle of the earth

Constructive plate boundaries and how earthquakes and volcanoes take place

Destructive plate boundaries and how they cause volcanoes and earthquakes

Island Arc formation such as the Japanese Islands

Collision plate boundaries such as the formation of the Himalayas

Hot spot volcanoes and how they are formed such as the ones at Hawaii

Seismographs and how they show an Earthquake taking place

The theory of Plate Tectonics and how the continents developed from the original - Pangaea

How do Geysers work?

See how plate tectonics provides the explanation for continental drift and the break-up of  Pangaea

An animation to show the difference between S & P waves