GCSE Case Studies - Migration - Mexico to the USA

What is the situation?

  • There is a 2000km border between USA and Mexico.

  • 1 million + Mexicans migrate to the USA every year.

  • Illegal migration is a huge problem for USA and Mexico

  • US Border Patrol guard the border and try to prevent illegal immigrants

  • 850,000 were caught in 1995 and were deported

Push Factors

  • Poor medical facilities - 1800 per doctor

  • Low paid jobs - (GNP = $3750)

  • Adult literacy rates 55% - poor education prospects

  • Life expectancy 72 yrs

  • 40% Unemployed

Pull Factors

  • Excellent medical facilities - 400 per doctor

  • Well paid jobs - GNP = $24,750)

  • Adult literacy rates 99% - good education prospects

  • Life expectancy 76 yrs

  • Many jobs available for low paid workers such as Mexicans

What are the impacts on the USA

  • Illegal migration costs the USA millions of dollars for border patrols and prisons

  • Mexicans are seen as a drain on the USA economy

  • Migrant workers keep wages low which affects Americans

  • They cause problems in cities due cultural and racial issues

  • Mexican migrants benefit the US economy by working for low wages

  • Mexican culture has enriched the US border states with food, language and music

  • The incidents of TB has been increasing greatly due to the increased migration

What are the impacts on Mexico?

  • The Mexican countryside has a shortage of economically active people

  • Many men emigrate leaving a majority of women who have trouble finding marraige partners

  • Young people tend to migrate leaving the old and the very young

  • Legal and illegal immigrants together send some $6 billion a year back to Mexico

  • Certain villages such as Santa Ines have lost 2/3 of its inhabitants