GCSE Revision - Rivers - The Hydrological Cycle

The hydrological cycle or water cycle is the continuous movement of water between the land, the sea and the air

Precipitation - All water released from clouds such as rain, snow, hail, sleet & snow

Surface Runoff -  Water flowing across the surface of the land, whether in a channel or over the land

Interception - When trees or man made objects get in the way of rain reaching the ground surfac

Infiltration - When water soaks into the soil

Evaporation - When water is heated by the sun and rises into the sky as water vapour

Transpiration - When moisture from plants and leaves is lost to the atmosphere

Condensation - When water vapour is cooled and turns into water droplets to form clouds

Water Table - The level of saturated ground in the soil - it rises and falls depending on the amount of rain

Throughflow - When water travels through the soil towards a river or the sea

Percolation - The downward movement of water from the soil into rock

Groundwater Flow - The movement of water through the rocks

Common Questions - Label diagram to show main transfers and stores of water
                                - Explain what factors affect the transfer of water in the system