Population - Glossary


Key Words


Annual Population Growth Rate

The rate at which a population is increasing owing to natural increase and migration - birth rate minus death rate plus or minus migration


A questionnaire every ten years to find out the population characteristics of a country

Crude Birth Rate

The number of births per 1000 population in one year

Crude Death Rate

The number of deaths per 1000 population in one year

Demographic Transition Model

A model showing the the stages of growth of a country's population


The number of people per square kilometre


The spread of people over an area

Infant Mortality Rates

The number of deaths per 1000 children under one year old in a country per year

Life Expectancy

The average number of years a person is expected to live


The movement of people - usually from one area to another permanently

Natural Increase

The increase in a population found by the birth rate minus the death rate and normally expressed as a percentage

Population Policies

Plans and laws passed by a government to help either to increase or decrease a country's population

Population Pyramid

A graph to show the population structure or age -sex composition of a population

Population Structure

The age and sex composition of of a country, region or city

Pull Factors

Factors which pull a person to a place

Push Factors

Factors which force a person away from a place


A person forced to move from one country to another, often as a result of war or famine