The Holderness ICT Assignment

For this assignment you have access to room 20 for Wednesday and Thursday's lessons. It is hoped that you use the internet for research and complete the assignment using IT. However it is possible to print off various sections and complete them by hand. Also it is possible to use the Landform books which will be avaiable in room 20 as well as your own text books.

To complete this assignment properly you must use the following.
It would be sensible to start by researching the web sites first before attempting the tasks!

Web sites

A virtual field trip from GeoResources looking at landforms along the coast

Good links for coastal erosion and some good pictures of the Holderness Coast

The Holderness Coast from Internet Geography

Holderness - the fastest eroding coast in Europe

Excellent photos and info on the cliff erosion at Holderness

For lots of images try which shows photos and maps of the Holderness Coast

The Holderness Coast - From the sixth form college


The Landforms Book
A2 Geography

Task 1. Copy and paste the photograph below into a word document.

Wave cut notch




Caves, Arches & Stacks

Glacial Till Cliff tops

Wave cut platform

Chalk Cliffs & their geological structure

Now using the headings, annotate the photograph with detailed notes on how these features were formed and the processes involved. Your text book pages 32-37 will help you.

You should be able to create this onto A4 and have detailed notes around it like the example shown in the lesson.

Task 2. Copy and paste the map outline below and using the same idea as the previous task create an annotated diagram using the headings below to describe the main physical factors affecting coastal erosion along the Holderness coast. Remember to include as much detail as possible.



Look at page 62 - landforms for prevailing and dominant winds for the area

What will the effects of this be?

Cliff material & Geology

Here you should compare the cliffs at Flamborough & the rest of Holderness.

Why are there differing rates of erosion?


How does the fetch affect Holderness?  - How long is it & what direction?

Erosion Rates along the coast

What are the differing rates of erosion along the coast - page 73 landforms.
Remember to label them on your map!

Beach material & Width

How will this affect Coastal erosion?

Why is the beach so narrow?

Weather Systems

What are the major effects of depressions in the North Sea?

Remember - This will be used as a Case Study so you need as much information as possible
                  - You can download/print off photos and diagrams as part of this assignment to help explain
                     features or processes.
                  - Do not get involved in the Human aspects as this will be covered at a later date!