JCB History from the JCB Website

1945 - JCB founded by Joseph Cyril Bamford in a Uttoxeter lock-up garage with a 50 shilling welder. His first product was a trailer made from war surplus which realised 90

1948 - JCB sees the potential for hydraulics and introduce what was probably the world's first two-wheeled hydraulically operated tipping trailer

1951- Master loader for use on farms launched. Costs 75

1953 - Turning point for JCB, with the development of the first backhoe loader. The JCB logo appears for the first time.

1954 - JCB Hhdra-Digger, larger and more powerful than any preceding JCB

1960 - Introduction of dual hydraulics and the innovative three-in-one backhoe bucket

1961 - JCB 3 backhoe loader introduced

1963 - A momentous year; the launch of the 3C

1965 - JCB enters a new market: its first 360 degree crawler excavator, the JCB 7, goes on sale.

1966 - Introduction of the JCB 6, 6C and 7C, strengthen the JCB product range.

1968 - Work starts on the new hi-tech factory at Rocester. A fine example of how industry and wildlife can co-exist, it was later to win a civic trust award for adding to the countryside.

1969 - Fifty per cent of production is exported. Mr. Bamford nominated for CBE for his services to exports.

1970 - First of seven Queen's awards, five of which are for export achievement

1971 - JCB 8C, the biggest 360 degree tracked excavator yet, is introduced. Followed shortly by the revolutionary 110 crawler loader, JCB France is established to consolidate position in a major export market.

1973 - JCB 806 and 807, a completely new range of tracked excavators with dual hydraulics launched

1974 - Queen's award to Industry for Technological Design and Production

1976 - Anthony Bamford takes over as JCB chairman from his father

1977 - Trendsetting JCB 520 Telescopic Handler introduced.

1980 - Project 200, the successful launch of the JCB 3CX the new backhoe loader, 72,000 of which have been sold

1984 - JCB takes 17% of the total world market and turnover exceeds 150 million. Exports account for 65% of production

1987 - JCB builds more than 10,000 machines in a single year for the first time

1990 - Knighthood for Anthony Bamford