Bako National Park
Nanga Sumpa and Iban
Kuala Lumpur
Flora and Fauna of Borneo
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SLN geography@Malaysia 2005

Were back from Malaysia and here are the pages that try and give you a flavour of the fantastic experience it was. Twenty-five SLN Geography teachers from 6 local authorities; NQTs to experienced heads of geography and headteachers; the primary, middle, special and secondary phases were all represented. 

Thanks to Tony Escritt and Discover the Living Planet for their splendid organisation and a great trip. You may be interested in Our itinerary which schools could base their own travels on. 

Thanks to Richard West, Bob Jones, Paul Bytheway, Jenny Hollins, Chris Spicer, Chris Critchlow and Adam Nichols for sharing their photos with us. 

More information can be found on the travel guide section of HotelTravel.com

Kuching: Cat City

Bako National Park

Nanga Sumpa and the Iban people

Kuala Lumpur

Flora and Fauna

Miscellaneous images not included in the categories above!
Patterns and Textures from Adam Nichols

Teaching and learning activities and resources

Some websites for Malaysia for further perspectives on this dramatic country. 

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