Weather and climate
Tectonic processes
Economic activity
Population and Migration
Rivers and Coasts
Places and biomes
Environmental issues


Don't forget the Sporting Fever pages too

Why is Omar stitching footballs secretly at home? Football mystery Robert Gray, Head of Geography at Nottingham Bluecoat School has created this mystery which forms the assessment for their World Sport unit in year 7. We used the Oxford Geog.1 texts to provide the information for the Mystery cards, and ask the students to use the writing frame (based on Geoff Hannan's ideas of "go for 5") to provide a structure to their written answer. Writing frame To prepare the students we talk about the idea of the mystery as a "big question", and ask them to consider what the little (sub) questions might be to help us answer the mystery.
Who missed the kick off? This mystery (based on Wolves and Man U, but could be adapted to any two teams) was written by Louise Careless Sneyd Community School, Bloxwich, Walsall and went down really well with all abilities in Y9 studying the World of Sport unit. Please have a look at other sports-related materials on Sporting Fever elsewhere on this site. 
Who missed the World Cup Final in 2014?
John Fleming is thinking ahead! Inspired by the mystery above he has put an Aberdeen slant on this mystery to work out who and why missed the match! Mystery Cards to sort here and pupil recording grid.
Sporting venues: a visual starter by Nigel Warren Head of Geography at Coleshill School, Warwickshire, based on Badger Starters.


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