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Much of this work has been sent to us by teachers inspired by David Leat and Adam Nichols' work in Thinking Through Geography and More Thinking Through Geography. You should buy the books to understand the principles from Chris Kington Publishing.  Thank you to all who have contributed ....

The activities will include mysteries, card sorts, dominoes, most likely to, living graphs etc. I have sorted them into typical geographical themes which I hope you will find useful to find the activity you are looking for! You can also use the search facility!

People, Population (including migration) Settlement
Development issues Places and biomes
Economic activity Environmental issues
Weather and climate Rivers, Coasts and floods
Tectonic processes

Physical geography

Crime Sport

Generic Thinking Skills materials remain in this page.

Enquiry tools and tasks
Thank you to Kent Polley, Thomas Becket Catholic School, Northampton, for sending in some enquiry tasks
Africa research
Africa issues
Get out of your seats geography! Find someone who ... Has used some thinking skills can be used at the start, in the middle or at the end of a lesson; the activity is easily adapted and the   questions can be changed according to the local situation. Gary Dawson, Fair Oak Academy, Rugeley, Staffs.
These level statements have been used year 8 to do peer assessments based on living graph exercises, the kids really found them useful (levels 3 to 5) so have attempted to increase their use with year 9. We always ask the kids to stick the graph being used across a double page and add reasons for putting the statements where they do. We go through the levels before and model so the kids know what to aim for, this is then followed by a peer assessment. Pupils are then given the opportunity to improve one statement based on their peers comments. It seems to work best with climate graphs although it could be adapted for other living graphs so long as they have figures that can be used and explained. Nicola Carey, Aylward School, Edmonton, North London
Simon Renshaw, Roundhill Community College Leicester, has sent this Thinking Skills word mat, to help students with the debrief process. Don't forget the other Word Mats on this site!
This Venn Diagram is useful for summarising at the end of case study topic. The 3 circles can divide up for example Social, Economic, Environmental issues; or Local, Regional, International; or Short Medium and Long term effects. It could be enlarged to A3 and / or laminated to make a mini whiteboard if you wish. Thanks to Jon Blackwall, Hounslow Manor School. 
KWL is a popular starter / plenary. This KWL grid can be used at the start and then end of an individual lesson or unit. It could be enlarged to A3 and / or laminated to make a mini whiteboard if you wish. Thanks to Jon Blackwall, Hounslow Manor School. 
Susan Pike has developed a few thinking skills activities for younger pupils, including card sorting activities and mysteries.
Lecturer in Curriculum Geography, Coordinator of Teaching and Learning at St. Patrick's College, Drumcondra, Dublin 9
email: Susan.Pike@spd.dcu.ie 
web pages: www.spd.dcu.ie/sese/geography  and www.spd.dcu.ie/sese/geography/college/seminars/4%20thinking/think.htm 
telephone: 00 353 1884 2235

There are some examples of Thinking Skills activities to support the More Thinking through Geography book on the Chris Kington Publishers website 


This page last updated 03 April 2012