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Images of Tocuaro

All photographs were taken by Adam Nichols, Sunderland LEA, and can be used in any teaching and learning context in school but cannot be used for any other purposes without prior permission of  Adam Nichols or Kate Russell 

Adam visited Tocuaro during Easter 2004. 

tocuaro.jpg (227469 bytes)

Adam at Tocuaro, Easter 2004. Note the newly refurbished village church behind.

cattle fodder.jpg (185234 bytes)

Fodder from fields outside the village being taken to cattle tethered in barns in Tocuaro.

Concrete jetty.jpg (236462 bytes)

Concrete jetty built in 1960s for Lake Patzcuaro ferry boats. Now high and dry and a good kilometre from open water. Lake Patzcuaro is shrinking as it receives less and less water.

grazing.jpg (201123 bytes)

Grazing land and wide reed beds at the margin of Lake Patzcuaro, beside which Tocuaro resides.

songbirds.jpg (153092 bytes)

Sadly there is money to be made from catching and selling songbirds which people hang in cages from windows and porches. Near Tocuaro.

yellow breasted bbirds.jpg (168935 bytes)

Part of a huge flock of yellow breasted blackbirds, attracted to the cattle fodder in Tocuaro.

Tocuaro diesel sales.jpg (221532 bytes)

Tocuaro diesel sales; Se Vende Gasolina Diesel: "Here we sell petrol and diesel" - from the back of a tanker in Tocuaro.

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