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Visual learning - if you do one - we will have lots! 

This site is about the development of resource which:


make a visual impact on young people


are creative in the use of visual teaching and


encourage better questioning and participation

Issues presentations

These presentations on Acid Rain, Desertification and coniferous forest biome were sent in by Alex Prior, Court Moor School, Fleet, Hampshire. Acid rain enquiry here for Year 9.  Alex seems to have the knack of finding very powerful images.

Japan and Brazil presentations

Luke Sparkes (Teacher of Geography - Corpus Christi Catholic College, Leeds) has sent these presentations which will make great starters - the effects in the images presentations are great to create a mystery and generate thought and discussion.

Japan map                                      Japan images (1.8Mb)
Brazil location        Brazil map          Brazil images (1.4Mb)     

Alex Prior, Court Moor School, Fleet, Hampshire Rio de Janeiro presentation shows the variety of this city and Physical Regions of Brazil has some stunning images.

Geographical Dingbats

A new UK Cities Dingbats may entertain your colleagues at the end of term! Thanks to Iron from Scunthorpe (not sure if that is one of the towns and cities!) who says "The title is slightly (well very) misleading - it is TOWNS and CITIES. Some of the towns are glorified villages! I'll start you off - slide 15 is Leeds."

Thanks to Anne Bowerman (and her son Michael), Westergate Community School in West Sussex, for creating this GeoDingbats PowerPoint presentation which has been used for starters and revision and to inspire pupils to do their own! If you haven't played the game before or want to have a practice, there is an online version at: www.dingbats.net/ 

Here is Tom Cartwright's Geography Countries Quiz presentation (which is also Dingbats) which was used at a prospective parents' evening as it   attracted parents into the room, the hardest part stopping show off dads from spoiling it for the gathered kids!  Humphrey Perkins High School in Leicestershire.

Stanchester's Virtual India

'Every geography lesson is a virtual fieldtrip unless it is a real fieldtrip' Chris Durbin. This study of India is an imaginary journey to India and to the Bay of Bengal Region. This is how to combine visual stimulus using an IWB and creative activity for the pupils.

Thanks to Sarah Todd AST and her colleagues Melissa Gardener and Sally Heppenstall at Stanchester High School, Somerset. in illustrating it so marvellously through these Word files and PowerPoint presentations.

bullet The Scheme of Work  MSword
bullet Rough Guide Booklet part 1 MSword
bullet Rough Guide Booklet part 2 MSword
bullet Lesson 1 Passport MSppt
bullet Lesson 2 Build your own India MSppt
bullet Lesson 3 People MSppt
bullet Lesson 4 Taste of India MSppt
bullet Lesson 5 Bangladesh experience MSppt
bullet Lesson 6 Dealing with the Delta MSppt
bullet Lesson 7 Sundarabans MSppt
bullet Lesson 8 Sundarabans MSppt
bullet Lesson 9 India's future MSppt
bullet Lesson 10 Assessment MSppt

Other lesson resources

bulletLesson 1 Indian Collage
bulletLesson 1 Video Resource
bulletLesson 2 Maps of Bangladesh and India
bulletLesson 5 Ganges river map
bulletLesson 5 The Ganges Delta – extract taken from A river journey by Rob Bowden
bulletLesson 5 Using the River
bulletLesson 6 The Delta’s Formation
bulletLesson 6 Words for Lucky dip
bulletLesson 7 Welcome to the Sunderbans
bulletLesson 8 Video clips of the Jungle Book can be downloaded from the following website
bulletLesson 8 Source 1 Sunderabans
bulletLesson 8 Source 2 Sunderabans
bulletLesson 8 Source 3 Sunderabans
bulletLesson 9 Diamond ranking base
bulletLesson 9 Demographic Challenge of India
bulletLesson 10 India Assessment
bulletLesson 10 India (verbal) Dominoes

This project was made possible  funding from Enabling Effective Support-SW - find out more at www.globaldimensionsouthwest.org.uk

Impact pictures, starters and plenaries

Helen Humphries has kindly made her presentation to 'The Geography Conference' and in it were several images that are designed to get you people to think...visual learning is also about words and pictures too....Her weblinks are good too. Download it here

Picture reveals

Alan Parkinson, Kings Lynn, Norfolk has offered this variation on the picture reveal exercise as a starter activity......it is dead easy to adapt

Tony Cassidy, Kirk Hallam, Derbyshire has offered 'Mission Impossible' a sketching exercise on coasts with a difference...

A question of ....... the nine-number pictureboard

John Hamshaw, Thomas Silverdale School, Sheffield has offered this a visual starter for glaciation, visually stunning and an excellent warm up for a lesson.   The purpose of  starters is to warm up, to create the yearning to know more, to set objectives, to create delight.  This is a PowerPoint presentation - who could use the format and create more.  Send them in!
Thanks to Wendy North, Wakefield LEA, for this What's in the square? grid which pupils can record their initial reaction to the photos in the 9 number picture 

bullet A question of recycling is a starter for considering recycling sent in by Eloise Peters a student currently at MMU. 
bullet A Question of Antarctica - has some notes with each slide (in the editor view) and would be suitable for Year 8 or 9 once they have studied a unit on Antarctica. Also included is the web address of most image sources. Rebecca Lewis, Head of geography at The King's School, Gloucester (who created the Question of Weathering below!)
bulletAlison Dunphy is a PCGE student at Homerton College, Cambridge. She offers you A Question of Tropical Rainforests and A Question of Settlement. She used  the rainforest one with year 9 in a threats lesson to get them thinking about the impacts and facts and figures about deforestation of the TRFs. After each picture clue, click the mouse and the fact is on the next slide.
bulletRebecca Lewis while studying at Institute of Education, London, A question of Weathering
bulletEmlyn Wright's Maps symbols The Idea is pupils select and look at picture, use maps to decide on symbol, a child comes to the IWB and draws the symbol into the white box. Nice starter with year 7s and as a recap/recall with all years before map work.
bulletJohn Hamshaw A question of glaciation here
bulletJason Wood  A question of coasts [0.7Mb]
bulletGill Butterfield A question of Japan [0.6Mb]
bulletCath Cinnamon A question of Norfolk and its Coast [2.4Mb]
bulletPaul Jenkins A question of LEDC or MEDC [3.3Mb]
bulletPaul Bartlett A question of population density [1.4Mb]
bulletPaul Bartlett A question of ethical farming [0.6Mb]
bulletVal Vannet asks What connects these photos?

Val Vannet has offered an extension of the number board so that pupils can use them individually

bullet Question of Glaciation
bullet Question of Limestone
bullet Question of News
bullet Question of Rivers

Jean Boyling offered these

bullet A question of coasts 2 [2Mb]
bulletA question of Kobe [1Mb]
bullet A question of the River Tees [400kb]
bulletA question of crime [400kb]

David Mitchell offered these

bullet World map of floods
bullet A question of coasts
bullet Odd one out coasts

Biddulph's visual graphics

Tom Abbott has offered these visual graphics and there will be more.

Biomes Tropical Rainforests 1.3Mb

Coastal Erosion 1.9Mb
Coasts Longshore Drift 
1.4 Mb
Coasts Stack formation
Coasts Wave Refraction
Coasts Wave Scour

Karst Limestone Pavement 1.9Mb

Rivers Rejuvenation 0.4Mb
Rivers Valley formation
Rivers Watershed part I
Rivers Watershed part II

Settlement sites 2.5Mb

Tectonics Volcanic Cones 1.4Mb

Weather Rainfall Types 0.9Mb
Weather Depression formation
Weather Passage of depression 0.4Mb


This is an expanding area of our geo-images area.  Can you write visual stories. Start with a mystery picture and unfold a geographical tale.

Other stuff for visual impact

Andy Pinks has also offered 2 PowerPoint presentations with before and after photos on them. he has found then really useful as lesson starters on hurricanes and  flooding for KS4.


This page last updated 03 April 2012