Why is Rosa doing Annie's job?
Hans Lufer
Robert Brown Mystery

Why is Rosa doing Annie's job?

Rosa is doing Annie's job, but why is she working longer hours and earning less money ?
This mystery has been created by Gary Dawson at Fair Oak High School in Rugeley. It is part of a unit of work on 'The Geography of the Global Fashion Business' and is based on the stories of Rosa and Annie, who are written about in 'geog.3' p.68 & p.70 (2002) Ed. R. Gallagher and R. Parish

This mystery could be used as part of an introductory lesson or to help reinforce the notion of the globalisation of the fashion business. Like most mysteries students are expected to rise to the challenge. A debrief of how students undertook the exercise also takes place. The mystery cards are here. They can be edited to suit your local situation.

Gill Russell from Abbot Beyne High School in Burton on Trent, has written a writing frame to support her pupils in their follow up work to the mystery.  

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