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Geogrphical AssociationDecember 2003: Website of the month: The New GA Website

All geography teachers should join their professional association at:

Learning through Enquiry: Making sense of geography in the key stage 3 classroomSpend some time at www.geography.org.uk

  • A new feature is leading geography departments, why not get involved? If you need support, why not contact them?  
  • The theme for this month is teaching and learning using ICT in Geography.  
  • There is a Kenya study tour and more. 
  • Buy Margaret Roberts book on 'Learning through Enquiry - an essential read for all geography teachers. 
  • If you are a primary coordinator buy back themed issues of Primary Geographer.  

Congratulations to Clare Brooks and Diane Wright for the hard work and creativity.

Broader matters relating to geography 3-19November 2003: Website of the month: 

Innovating with Geography http://www.qca.org.uk/geography/ 

 Richard Turpin/Royal Geographical Society. Research in the Wahiba Sands, Oman.

This new site is under development [like all good websites] by the QCA geography team supported by the GA and the RGS.  SLN Geography is pleased to support this development as it is bringing together under one umbrella all national geography matters. Especially welcome is the section called learning matters where you can see bright teaching and learning ideas - some small and some developed . We are pleased that innovations like 'Ask a geographer' that we were only able to operate locally, will be available nationally.  Let us know what you think on our forum. 

October 2003: Website of the month: 

Map projections From this to this

This 'java applet' allows you centre maps where ever you choose and show pupils how the world distorts


September 2003 - Ordnance Survey - Get a map 
Real 1:25 000 mapping extracts of the UK

We have become accustomed to www.multimap.com BUT should we now consider this again.  www.getamap.co.uk has 1:25 000 mapping not just 1:50000 enlarged.  Great news.  It should NOT replace paper maps however.

and not only that have you seen all the other education bits of the OS website about maps and how to use them. Explore for yourself


June July  2003: SLN geography@iceland2003

newsite.gif (147 bytes)This is one of our own but if you haven't yet been moved by awesome places in the world, then this is one of them.

Click on the image to find out more

May 2003: Geography in the NewsGeography montage

newsite.gif (147 bytes)This new site from the Royal Geographical Society is an up-to-date, dynamic and growing resources for teachers and students of GCSE and A-level geography Geography in the News 

The main sections are features and in-depth reports; the latter are currently the Congestion charge and Flooding (including some wonderful case studies.) There is a Your Views section, an on-line forum where young people can have their say on this week's question! The glossary is an added bonus! Registration recommended to get most out of the site.

April 2003 - CAFOD

CAFODIf you are a primary or a secondary teacher, there is some geography on the CAFOD website for you.  The story of tea is great and there is link through to which is an outstanding catalogue of televisual stories with video related to development issues like trade, sustainable development and climate change.



 March 23 Comic Relief

Find out more post-rednoseday what happened. We believe that peaceful support to improve people's quality of life has got to be a priority for the world. Comic relief allows fun while doing something serious. It doesn't patronise people either.

Comic Relief, registered charity 326568. www.rednoseday.com

February  2003

 Images of the World 

This is a fantastic resource for teaching the geography of India.  It will be especially good for those primary teachers studying a locality in India. 

There are other collections too in particular a brilliant one on Jamaica.

The images are people-centred, of high quality and could be used with KS1 to sixth form students.

newsite.gif (147 bytes) January  2003 - The SLN Forum

We are not usually ones to blow our own trumpets, but our forum is working. Thanks to all who are regular contributors. The latest debate about school geography that also made the Radio 4 Today Programme has continued on-line via the SLN geography forum.  Thanks to Emma Harding a researcher at the BBC's Learning Curve programme for kicking it off. Alex Standish whose research provoked the debate and David Lambert, Chief Executive of the GA all made contributions.  We want more. You can go directly to the debate below.


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