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You heard it on the Geo-Grapevine..... 

RIGS Geotrails

A new Geotrail from the Staffordshire RIGS Group is of the
Churnet valley. Following on from the Hamps and Manifold Geotrail, this new 25 km Geotrail provides insight into the geology, geomorphology and industrial heritage of the Lower Churnet Valley between Froghall and Alton. The leaflet explains the dramatic global environmental changes that have produced the rocks and shaped the landscape, which in turn gave rise to specific industrial activity. To obtain copies of the leaflet please email:- Rosie.Duncan@staffs.ac.uk  or r.i.waller@esci.keele.ac.uk or Staffordshire Regionally Important Geological Sites Group website www.esci.keele.ac.uk/srigs/

Become a Fairtrade School

The Fairtrade Foundation has launched ‘Fairtrade School’ status for Primary and Secondary Schools in the UK. The Fairtrade mark guarantees a better deal for farmers and workers in the developing world. For schools, Fairtrade provides the opportunity to learn about farming, trade and developing countries and as well as the chance for children to make a real difference by promoting or buying Fairtrade. Fairtrade is an ideal topic for subjects such as geography, PSHE and citizenship, or promoting Fairtrade could be a project for the school council. The Fairtrade School scheme compliments also Eco-Schools Status. For more information about becoming a Fairtrade School and to register for the scheme visit the Fairtrade Foundation website. Bridges Development Education Centre provides practical support and guidance to schools in the West Midlands who are working towards Fairtrade status. Contact Davina at Bridges by email or telephone 01952 255526.

Chartered Geographer (Teacher)

Chartered Geographer (Teacher) is the only ongoing professional accreditation linked to CPD in Geography and is being aligned to be relevant to the developing TDA framework of professional and occupational standards for teachers.  CGeog (Teacher) can support your application for a leadership or Advanced Teacher role and enhances your career portfolio and employability.

Chartered Geographer (Teacher) is available to teachers who can demonstrate competence, experience and professionalism in the use of geographical knowledge or skills in and out of the classroom, and who are committed to maintaining their professional standards through ongoing continuing professional development (CPD).

You will need:
an Honours degree in geography, a B.Ed with geography or a related degree (or 15 years teaching experience if no relevant degree is held);
at least six years teaching experience,
demonstrable commitment to CPD, embedding it in your practice, and supporting others. 

"This status has greatly benefited myself, members of the department and my students", Garry Atterton, a CGeog of three years standing

For more information and an application pack please contact Claire Wheeler, RGS-IBG, Email: cgeogteacher@rgs.org, Tel: 0207 591 3053

Naace Weather Project 

Do you regularly or periodically collect weather data? The New Naace Weather Project allows users to view and upload weather data. Any user can view and download data. 

Those wanting to upload data can upload data to suit themselves. They can vary the quantity of data and the period of data collection. Teachers or educationalists interested in making weather data available worldwide should contact Alan Rodgers. They will be supplied with a user name and password. 

To view data already available visit the MAPE website  and select the Weather Project. Teacher’s notes

SLN geography Field weekend

The SLN forum "regulars" enjoyed the SLN field weekend, in the Peak District on February 11 - 13th. Have a look at the forum thread here. Val Vannet booked us into Hartington Youth Hostel (a well recommended establishment!)   We did a "sponsored walk" on the Saturday in aid of the Asian Tsunami appeal, in rain, wind, sleet and hail! 

More photos and stories here!

SLNgeography@Saxony  - April 2004 - Brilliant

Photo: Schlema

Colleagues from Staffordshire were made a return visit to Saxony in  April 2004. The hospitality of our German geography teacher colleagues was second to none. 

A previous trip proved very successful. The image above was a Uranium mine! Now is a health spa! More details to be found at: http://www.sln.org.uk/geography/saxony/Default.htm 


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